How to grow mushrooms in your yard in Alabama + 3 fungi events

Learn how to grow mushrooms in your backyard. (Alabama Mushroom Society)

Did you know you can grow a variety of safe-to-eat mushrooms right in your backyard? We have all the local workshops, events and growing advice, so you can try out this FUN-gi new hobby.

Start your growing journey

Growing mushrooms at home is actually really easy, and thanks to information from local Fungi Farm in Dadeville we can share with you how to do it. The first thing to know when setting out to grow mushrooms is understanding their life cycle.

Their life cycle begins as a spore and under ideal growing conditions, they germinate to create Mycelium. Mycelium looks like white mold and can grow through all types of organic matter such as compost or rotting logs. The mycelium then becomes mushrooms and more spores are formed and ultimately fly off to repeat the process.

What’s safe and what should you start with?

There are around 2,000 known edible mushrooms. Of the edible varieties, only a few can be easily grown. Here are the easiest types to grow on your own:

  • Lion’s Mane
  • Oyster
  • Shiitake
  • Wine Cap

All of these mushrooms can be grown on logs, mulch or sawdust and simply require mushroom food, mushroom mycelium and patience. Want an even faster and easier way to grow your mushrooms? You can buy Fungi Farm’s Ready-to-Fruit mushroom kits online that grow mushrooms in just a few days with no extra supplies needed.

To learn more about the growing process check out this site.

Why grow them?

The use of mushrooms everywhere, from the culinary world to herbal medicine, has made their demand grow astronomically. This low-budget, high-profit hobby could turn you quite the profit. And, even if you want to keep your growing on a small scale, you’ll get the benefit of a free delicious ingredient you can add to almost any savory recipe.

Grow your own oyster mushrooms at this E.A.T. South event

Take home a log of mushrooms and keep growing at home. (E.A.T. South)

Want to grow oyster mushrooms at home? Sign up for the Marvelous Mushroom Log event with E.A.T. South in Montgomery, and you’ll get to take home an entire log that will sprout dozens of delcious, safe-to-eat mushrooms. This event is happening this Saturday, so be sure to go ahead and register now to secure your spot!

Attend the 1st Annual Alabama Mushroom Festival

Growing mushrooms is the next big thing. (Alabama Mushroom Festival/ Instagram)

Did you know there’s an entire festival in Alabama dedicated to mushrooms? This is a can’t-miss event for fungi lovers. Held by the Alabama Mushroom Society in Sylacauga, this weekend-long festival will include music, food, crafts and group mushroom foraging led by professionals and enthusiasts. There will also be various classes and presentations by experts in the fungi field, so you can learn all about where to find mushrooms, how to grow them and which ones are safe.

Mushroom Cultivation Workshop with Fungi Farm

How good do these Morrel mushrooms look? (Alabama Mushroom Society)

At the Fungi Farm mushroom cultivation workshop, you’ll experience a lecture, hands-on-activities, an opportunity to work in a laboratory and a tour of their fungi facility. Each participant will go home with a ready-to-fruit mushroom block and two commercial mushroom cultures.

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