Jerusalem Cafe, voted Mobile’s “Best Ethnic Food,” moving to a brand new location

Jerusalem Cafe Sign New Location Mobile
Sign currently outside the future location of Jerusalem Cafe. Photo via Clorissa Morgan for The Bama Buzz

Are you a fan of shawarma, falafel, hummus and the like? Then you need to stay in-the-know about Jerusalem Cafe.

What is Jerusalem Cafe?

Jerusalem Cafe Original Location
Jerusalem Cafe at its current location in Regency Square. Photo via Clorissa Morgan for The Bama Buzz

Jerusalem Cafe, currently located in Regency Square right behind See-wee roll, specializes in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines.

The local fan favorite is well known for its quiet, relaxing ambiance and its plethora of vegetarian options.

Soup And Salad Middle Eastern Food Jerusalem Cafe
The delicious lentil soup and Greek side salads. Photo via Clorissa Morgan for The Bama Buzz

The flavorful dishes and variety of choices makes Jerusalem Cafe a popular choice for an enjoyable night out. The establishment was even voted Mobile’s “Best Ethnic Food” for the 2021 Nappie Awards.

Falafel From Jerusalem Cafe
My personal favorite, the mouthwatering falafel and hummus platter. Photo via Clorissa Morgan for The Bama Buzz

The New Location

Jerusalem Cafe New Location
Jerusalem Cafe’s new location that is currently under construction. Photo via Jerusalem Cafe

Recently, the restaurant announced its plans to move locations. But what should guests expect when it comes to dining at the new location?

The owner, Mohannad Sahyouni, says diners should expect “a new dining experience with the same quality of food and service.” The new location will feature lots of outdoor dining, indoor seating that is more spaced out, and a private event room for guests to look enjoy.

Though they don’t have an official reopening set in stone, they plan to debut the new location sometime during the first two weeks of November.

If you’re concerned about the distance, worry no longer! The Cafe’s new location will be on Old Shell Road, a five-minute drive from its original location.

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