‘Jimmy Buffett Day’ proposed in new online petition

Jimmy Buffett Day
A petition to make Jimmy Buffett Day a holiday has been posted online. (“Jimmy Buffett Birmingham” by kentonlrussell is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

The recent passing of Alabama native and international music legend Jimmy Buffett has hit his fans hard, as his legions of “Parrotheads” mourn the beloved entertainer’s death.

Buffett’s legacy will live on through his massive music catalog, but another effort is underway online to secure his legacy — a national holiday known as Jimmy Buffett Day. Here’s more:

A petition for ‘Jimmy Buffett Day’

Jimmy Buffet
If you want to sign the petition for Jimmy Buffett Day, there’s still time. (“Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville – neon sign in Key West” by tsand is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

A petition launched this week on Change.org aims to make Jimmy Buffett Day a national holiday.

The originator of the petition, DT Walker, says:

“As a devoted Parrot Head for nearly five decades, I have experienced firsthand the joy and positive impact that Jimmy Buffett’s music and philosophy have brought to millions of people around the world. Inspired by his laid-back lifestyle, I believe it is time to propose a new national (world) holiday called “Jimmy Buffett Day” on the Friday before Labor Day in the United States.”

DT Walker, Change.org petition author

The method of celebrating the day is up to those who want to celebrate, but the inspiration for the celebration remains constant — it’s about Jimmy Buffett.

The petition states that individuals would have the opportunity to embrace their inner island spirit and choose how they want to celebrate.

“Whether it’s dedicating their time towards helping others or our environment, or simply indulging in a day of relaxation with toes in the sand and favorite beverage in hand – everyone can find their own way to live life like Jimmy Buffett,” the petition states.

You can sign the petition and show your support here.

Why make Jimmy Buffett Day a national holiday?

Jimmy Buffett
Jimmy Buffett Virginia 2012” by kentonlrussell is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Why does Jimmy Buffett need a national holiday? Well, the author of the petition has answers for that question. Buffett was more than just an entertainer. The Mobile native was also an avid environmentalist, conservationist and philanthropist.

So celebrating his legacy would not only involve honoring his music career, but his charitable impact.

According to the petition, the most compelling reasons to celebrate Jimmy Buffett Day are:

  • Promoting Volunteerism: By designating this day as a national (world) holiday, we encourage individuals to engage in acts of kindness and service towards their fellow man. Volunteering has been proven to improve mental health, foster community connections and create lasting positive change.
  • Environmental Awareness: Jimmy Buffett has long been an advocate for environmental preservation through his work with organizations like The Coral Reefer Fund. By celebrating “Jimmy Buffett Day,” we can raise awareness about environmental issues while encouraging actions that protect our planet for future generations.
  • Boosting Tourism: With millions of fans worldwide who are eager to escape from their daily routines and experience paradise-like moments inspired by Jimmy Buffett’s music, establishing this holiday could potentially boost tourism in coastal areas where people can enjoy sandy beaches and tropical vibes.
  • Celebrating Cultural Diversity: Music has always had the power to bring people together regardless of age, race or background. By commemorating “Jimmy Buffet Day,” we celebrate the universal appeal of his music, which transcends borders and unites people from all walks of life.
  • Enhancing Work-Life Balance: In today’s fast-paced world, it is crucial to prioritize work-life balance and mental well-being. “Jimmy Buffett Day” offers an opportunity for individuals to take a break from their daily grind, recharge their batteries and embrace a more relaxed approach to life.

If you want to sign and/or share the petition for Jimmy Buffett Day, visit the Change.org page for the cause.

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