Keep families together when a child is in the hospital—pop tab parties are one fun way to help


Eastwood Elementary Pop Tab Parties
Eastwood Elementary School students celebrating their big win. (RMHCA)

Save pop tabs (the little flip top on aluminum cans) and help raise $10K for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama (RMHCA). Bring them to one of three Pop Tab Parties: April 26 in Birmingham, April 27 in Decatur and May 1 in Montgomery. These pop tabs will help keep families together and near the hospital when a child needs medical care. Keep reading for all the details.

Pop Tab Parties coming soon to a spot near you—everything you need to know

Rmhca Pop Tab Parties
The Wheeler Family in Auburn. (RMHCA)

Since 2001, communities across Alabama have made a huge impact through tiny pop tabs. Schools, families and businesses collect them throughout the year then donate their haul for recycling at the Ronald McDonald House or through annual Pop Tab Parties.

Collecting pop tabs is a super-easy way to help families who call RMHCA home—families like the Capps or the Smiths.

  • What: 2023 Pop Tab Parties
  • Where + when: 3 locations + times
    • April 26: Galleria Bham | Highway 31 McDonald’s
    • April 27: Decatur | Beltline McDonald’s
    • May 3: Montgomery | Atlanta Highway McDonald’s
  • How it works: RMHCA receives funds based on the going rate per pound of aluminum recycled. Tabs save space and are worth more than aluminum cans.
  • Why it matters: Funds support the mission of the House, which can include things like utility bills and supplies that families need.
  • Partners: Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama + McDonald’s together with Brother’s Recycling, A&S Metals and Capital Recycling.

Get full details on the program here + save the date so you can head to a pop tab party at a McDonald’s near you.

Ronald Mcdonald House Charities

Get involved

Eastwood Elementary, Pop Tab Parties
Students from Eastwood Elementary. (RMHCA)

There are two main ways you can help:

Collect + drop off aluminum tabs (NOT cans)

Dropping off pop tabs. (RMHCA)
  1. Grab a container to store your pop tabs in—Ziploc bags + boxes are the best.
    • DO NOT USE THESE CONTAINERS because they’re hard to process and metal recyclers don’t process plastics or glass:
      • soda bottles
      • jars
      • milk jugs
      • plastic grocery bags
  2. Collect your pop tabs from any type of aluminum can.
    • PRO TIP: if your tab sticks to a magnet, it’s not aluminum, so please don’t include it.
  3. Donate your tabs for recycling—here’s how:
Ronald Mcdonald House Charities

Get the t-shirt

Rmhca Pop Tab T-Shirts
You, too, can get a pop tab t-shirt to show your support for RMHCA. (RMHCA)

Grab yours today for a donation of $15.

Ronald Mcdonald House Charities

Pop Tab Pandemonium 2022 Overall Winners: Eastwood Elementary

  • What: Pop Tab Pandemonium is a school-based contest held each year throughout Alabama.
  • How it works: Participating schools collect pop tabs throughout the school year and donate them to RMHCA, learning about recycling + giving back, while having fun.
  • Registration: closed March 1, 2023
  • Winners: will be announced after weigh-in at the 2023 Pop Tab Parties

Last year, schools across the state collected 2188.6 pounds worth of pop tabs! Eastwood Elementary was the Overall Winner, weighing in at 403.86 pounds.

Here’s what first-grade teacher and student council leader Jessica Grantland from Eastwood Elementary had to say about her school’s participation:

“Our students love participating in the Ronald McDonald House tab fundraiser. It’s a great way for every student to be involved in making a difference. We have a monthly competition to motivate the students, and each month the winning class is our fan-TAB-ulous class. They get to hang a nice sign outside their classroom to show off their hard work drinking those Cokes!”

Jessica Grantland, Eastwood Elementary

Get full details on the program here + save the date. Don’t miss the pop tab parties at a McDonald’s near you.

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Ronald Mcdonald House Charities
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