Keeping the Shoals Beautiful: Cypress Creek Clean-Up

Cypress Creek Clean-Up In Florence.
Photo from the Cypress Creek Cleanup in June! Photo Via City of Florence, Alabama-Government Facebook.

“Land really is the best art”.

—Andy Warhol

Nature is everywhere, and keeping it clean is everything. There are many ways to protect our land, but avoiding littering is one of the best ways to keep it in the best condition as we possibly can. Besides, we only get one earth, right? Florence is undoubtedly a beautiful City in Alabama. The City takes pride in community and keeping the city and its parks looking clean, pristine, and green (the way it should be). Let’s take a look at what the city is doing to help clean up the area.

Previous Clean-Ups

People Cleaning The Environment.
Helping Hands cleaning the environment Photo Via Josh Hild for

Over the past couple of years, there have been multiple clean-up projects done in Florence. In the Stormwater Management Program annual report for the University of North Alabama, it was noted that the university sponsored a good number of cleanup events, in which over 105 participants were involved. Some departments and organizations at UNA that provided participants for the clean-up of litter near Cypress Creek and the UNA campus were:

  • The Project Earth Student Group
  • The Center for Sustainability
  • Rec & Trek Club- an outdoor organization that gives the experience of community recreation and service to students
  • Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity
  • Phi Kappa Alpha Fraternity
  • Department of Kinesiology
  • Science and Engineering Technology Department
  • Athletics Department
  • Physics and Earth Science Department
  • Environmental Health and Safety Department

Apart from just cleaning around Cypress Creek and the campus, a previous clean-up held last year on March 7th directed their focus towards various streets in the city of Florence that had large amounts of litter. Extra necessities such as vests, gloves, water, bags and even breakfast were provided.

How to Get Involved in This Year’s Clean-Up Project

Cypress Creek On Highway 20!
The BEAUTIFUL Cypress Creek that sits off of Highway 20. Photo Via Marcus Woolf for

So, are you ready to get involved!? Well, here are details you should know about this year’s upcoming Cypress Creek Clean-Up.

The Shoals Young Professionals created this clean-up as a way to keep Cypress Creek, just off of Highway 20, clean and accessible to the public for the years to come. Cypress Creek holds many adventures to those who like to drift through on their kayaks. On the way through the creek you’ll pass by farms and a park. I hope you like animals, because you will be seeing many of those! Don’t be alarmed, though, these wild animals are just flourishing in their natural habitat. If you want to keep the area clean not only for humans, but these animals too, please don’t hesitate to volunteer. The Clean-Up is dated for August 28th, 2021 at 9:00am; However, registration ends Saturday, July 17th so don’t wait! Register and get your tickets here.

Flyer For The Cypress Creek Clean-Up.
Flyer for the Cypress Creek Clean-Up. Photo Via Shoals Young Professionals for
  • Location of event: Cypress Creek and Highway 20 overpass near McFarland Park. Parking will be near Seven Mile Island parking lot.

Come take part in something greater—cleaning the environment.

If there are any other community service events in Florence this year let us know @thebamabuzz!

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