Martin’s Restaurant business license revoked by Montgomery City Council

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The future of the popular restaurant remains uncertain. (Martin’s Restaurant / Facebook)

According to a report from the Montgomery Advertiser, popular meat and three spot and longtime Montgomery favorite Martin’s Restaurant had its business license revoked on May 4 due to failure to pay city sales taxes. Read on for details.

In hot water

Just a couple of months ago, Martin’s Restaurant made the news for having the “Absolute Best Fried Chicken in the South” according to Mashed.

Now, Montgomery City Council has voted unanimously to revoke their business license due to a failure to pay city sales taxes. Martin’s is one of the city’s oldest restaurants, opening in the 1920s. Since the 1930s, the Merritt family has owned and operated the spot.

The restaurant is famous for being one of the only spots around that serves the “pully-bone”, a tender and delicious part of the chicken that is usually thrown out by commercial chicken producers.

The Montgomery Advertiser reported that Martin’s has been collecting sales tax from customers, but failing to turn the money over to the city or state. No owners or representatives of Martin’s were present at the city council meeting and multiple city council members were surprised to see Martin’s on the agenda.

City workers told the council that they had reached out to the restaurant but received no response.

What’s next

If Martin’s does not appeal to the city council to schedule a payment plan, they face potential closure. City council will set a show-cause meeting for a future hearing.

As of now, the restaurant is still open and operating as usual.

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