Need Groceries Faster? Deuce Drone and Greer’s team up to deliver groceries by drone for Mobile

Greer’s just partnered with Deuce Drone to deliver your groceries the futuristic way. Photo via Liv George for The Bama Buzz

Ever forget that one ingredient you need to finish off dinner and think to yourself, “Man, if only someone could fly it over to me.”? Well, the Gulf Coast is now in luck because just last week, Deuce Drone and Greer’s Markets announced their new partnership. The grocery store chain will now be offering a new service, drone delivery for your groceries. Sounds totally futuristic, right? Well, we’ve got all the details on this deal so keep reading to find out how you can get your groceries delivered to you, much faster than the old Instacart ordering.

All about the partnership

Grocery delivery made faster. Photo via Deuce Drone

Mobile ordering groceries is about to get a lot easier, and a lot faster. Deuce Drone and Greer’s are now officially working together to get you groceries at warp-speed. They’ve struck a partnership, in which Greer’s provides the groceries and Deuce Drone provides the delivery via drone. Deuce Drone will operate drones that can carry up to 10 pounds of product. This means faster groceries for you and new innovation, not only for Greer’s but for the City of Mobile itself.

“We are excited to partner with Greer’s Markets. Our engagement presents an excellent opportunity to apply our technology in an urban setting. Our previous demonstration flights have proven that we are able to overcome many difficult challenges facing drone delivery. This development partnership is a great next step in Deuce Drone’s growth by providing the possibility of seamlessly transitioning to delivery service in downtown Mobile.”

Bill Haub, Senior Director of Deuce Drone.

Now, instead of waiting on a delivery driver to bring your groceries, you simply await a drone delivery of all your kitchen necessities. Keep reading to learn all about the businesses responsible for this amazing new deal.

About Deuce Drone

Here’s the top-of-the-line tech that’ll bring groceries right to your door. Photo via Deuce Drone

Deuce Drone is a Mobile-based company that specializes in “last-mile delivery”, which is moving goods from a retailer to their final destination, typically a home residence. They do this by using the store’s current infrastructure to implement drone delivery systems, to turn a typical store into an order fulfillment center. Deuce Drone works together with retailers to create a cost-effective way to compete with e-commerce players that can beat current delivery times for smaller businesses.

Deuce Drone will begin practice flights between the St Louis Street Greer’s and Innovation Portal (also on St. Louis Street) to gauge the effectiveness of their delivery system as the next step in their development process.

About Greer’s

The St Louis Street location will be the trial flight location for Deuce Drone and Greer’s partnership. Photo via Liv George for The Bama Buzz

Greer’s is a family-owned chain of 29 grocery stores in its fifth generation of ownership. They stay on the pulse of downtown Mobile developments, opening the St Louis Street Greer’s earlier this year, to much applause. The partnership with Deuce Drone is Greer’s next step in staying in the development game downtown.

“We are already invested in curbside pickup and delivery and look forward to offering an additional delivery option with Deuce Drone. We continue to focus on technological advancements that make shopping Greer’s in store and online advantageous to all consumers.”

Lucy Greer, Corporate Spokesperson of Greer’s Markets

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