NEW: Aubie wins UCA National Mascot Championship

Auburn University’s beloved mascot, Aubie. (Aubie Facebook page)

Another reason to say, “War Eagle!” Auburn University’s mascot, Aubie the Tiger, just took home a big prize at the UCA College Nationals. Keep reading for all the details.

Aubie takes home the title

Aubie is no stranger to national recognition—both on and off the football field. In fact, this is the eleventh time that the beloved Tiger has taken home the title of Division IA Mascot champion in the UCA National Mascot Championship.

Coming in at a 92.6 score, Aubie beat out mascots from around the nation:

  1. Auburn University (Aubie the Tiger)
  2. University of Tennessee (Smokey)
  3. University of Cincinnati (Cindy the Bearcat)
  4. University of Texas (Hook Em)
  5. Liberty University (Sparky)

A total of 16 mascots competed in the competition in Division IA and the Open Mascot division.

More news from Auburn University

Auburn’s been buzzing with news lately—making headlines with everything from research contracts to Metallica performances. Catch up below:

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