NEW IN: Samford among the top universities in the nation

Samford University In Homewood, Alabama.
Samford is in the heart of Homewood, Alabama. Photo via David Yancey

Yesterday, U.S. News & World Report rolled out their 2022 rankings for the best universities in the country. Our friends over at Samford University were at the top of the list for undergraduate teaching and best value. Read on for the scoop.

Samford—a national leader in undergraduate teaching and best value

Samford'S Brock School Of Business.
Samford’s Brock School of Business was also recognized in the national rankings. Photo via David Yancey

Samford, you have some pretty amazing faculty! According to U.S. News & World Report, the university ranks 37th in the country for best undergraduate teaching.

This puts Samford in the top 1 percent of all universities, and the only university in Alabama to be on this list. In addition, the university classifies as the best value for a college education in Alabama.

“Samford continues to be recognized as a leader in quality education, teaching and value, and we are pleased that it is ranked amongst the best universities in the country. Although national rankings are just one measure of success, the recognition provides affirmation for our students, employees and alumni. As we continue to grow and thrive, we also celebrate the growing national reputation of our university.”

Beck A. Taylor, President, Samford University

Can I get a Go Bulldogs? Some of our team members go to Samford and agree that the Bulldogs really are top dogs.

Samford on the scorecard

Sunsets At Samford Are Breathtaking.
Nothing beats a Samford sunset. Photo via David Yancey

Here’s how Samford received this national accreditation:

  1. College presidents, provosts and admissions deans around the nation determined these rankings.
  2. Each could nominate up to 15 schools for which they believed faculty and administrators were committed to teaching undergraduate students in a high-quality manner.
  3. At least seven nominations were needed for a school to be ranked and listed.

“Our faculty are some of the best in the country, and I am thrilled that they have been recognized for their hard work and commitment to providing an exceptional learning environment for our students.”

Mike Hardin, Samford Provost

Next time you’re in Birmingham, check Samford out for yourself and book a tour of the campus.

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