NEW $232M microreactor assembly plant will bring 250 jobs to Gadsden

USNC Chief Nuclear Officer Dan Stout and Gadsden Mayor Craig Ford. (City of Gadsden)

Governor Ivey announced on June 21 that Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation, (USNC) a Seattle-based company expanding microreactor technologies, will invest $232 million to bring a facility in Gadsden to produce its industry-leading microreactor. Keep reading to learn what this means.

The nation’s first commercial-scale microreactor facility

Usnc Gadsden Alabama
Big things coming. (USNC)

First things first, what is a microreactor? According to the Department of Energy, microreactors are compact reactors small enough to transport by truck that can help solve energy challenges in a number of areas. They can be used to generate clean and reliable electricity for commercial use, as well as for non-electric applications like district heating, water desalination and hydrogen fuel production.

The USNC says the Gadsden plant will be the very first commercial-scale microreactor production facility in the country.

“USNC’s microreactors will be produced at the state-of-the-art facility in Gadsden and shipped as modules to sites around the world, allowing for the generation of reliable energy anywhere. This is safe and amazing technology, and I’m pleased that it will be ‘Made in Alabama.’”

Greg Canfield, Secretary of the Alabama Department of Commerce

Big news for Gadsden (we’re talking 250 jobs)

Screen Shot 2023 06 22 At 11.08.58 Am

Once operational, the plant will create 250 jobs for professional and technical workers in Gadsden.

USNC said the decision to bring the plant to Gadsden came from a year-long search over hundreds of sites across the country. Here’s what made Gadsden the #1 choice:

  • site suitability
  • infrastructure
  • skilled workforce availability
  • overall project economic

“We are attracted to Gadsden by their skilled workforce and the outstanding training programs and support they are bringing to the table. In Gadsden, I have confidence we can hire local talent and operate with both safety and efficiency. We are looking forward to becoming a member of the community.”

Ted Coulter, Plant Director for the MMR factory at USNC

Construction is slated to begin in 2024, with the facility operational in 2027. We can’t to see this incredible facility come to life and benefit the Gadsden community. See the press release for more details.

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