NEW OPENING: Artisan market ‘DOMO’ from owners of Monarch Espresso opens in Tuscaloosa

Domo In Tuscaloosa
A beautiful new spot to stock up on your favorite goods. (Domo)

Since 2017, Monarch Espresso has been happily serving students and locals alike in Tuscaloosa. Now, owners Audrey and Paul Vermilyea are taking on a new business venture—an artisan market. Keep reading for all the details.

Quality + local goods

Domo In Tuscaloosa
Name a better combo, I’ll wait. (Domo)

According to a report from Tuscaloosa Thread, a new artisan market in Tuscaloosa is officially open for business from the owners of popular coffee shop, Monarch Espresso.

The shop provides quality meats, seafood, cheeses, wine and other goods from local farms and resources. You know what that means…time to plan your next charcuterie board night!

Along with quality grocery products, DOMO provides a convenient grab-and-go section with sandwiches and mini charcuterie boxes for those moments where you need a quick lunch option.

“We’re thrilled to open another spot in Tuscaloosa. The community has been so kind to us at Monarch, so it feels really special to open a new concept in the city that we love. We want DOMO to be a place you get a curated selection of prime beef, seafood, cheese and wine.

We’re imagining picnics on the river walk with our charcuterie boards and sandwiches and memorable meals at home with some of the best meat + seafood available.”

Audrey Vermilyea

The new market also provides custom catering options for larger parties.

Stop by for a visit

Some of their recent offerings include prime ribeye, prime skirt steak, prime NY strip, center-cut bone-in pork chops, head-on Gulf shrimp and more. Domo is basically your one-stop shop for delicious meal plans!

Can’t wait to try it for yourself? Here’s how to find them:

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