NEW OPENING: Session Cocktails is bringing an elevated cocktail experience to downtown Auburn

Session Cocktail Owner Hunter Wiggins
Session Cocktail Owner Hunter Wiggins, Qadeem Hassan and Old Forester Brand AmbassadorJames Joseph (MKC Photography / Session Cocktails)

Session Cocktails is raising the bar in downtown Auburn with its opening on Thursday, December 1. Owner Hunter Wiggins is bringing the success of his Tuscaloosa location to the heart of Auburn for a fresh, eclectic and upscale experience. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting new opening.

How did Session Cocktails originate?

Bar Owner Hunter Wiggins 1 1 Edited Scaled
Owner Hunter Wiggins (MKC Photography / Session Cocktails)

Hunter Wiggins knew he was a hustler who belonged in the service industry since he was 16 years old rollerblading to earn an extra $0.50 an hour at Sonic. From dishwashing at a downtown bar at 19 to cocktail waiting for a pizza restaurant-night bar in Colorado, Hunter knew early on that he would own his own bar one day.  

“I really liked the nightlife aspect of the hospitality industry. There’s a certain kind of camaraderie with people that stay up to four o’clock in the morning with each other—it was great.”

Hunter Wiggins, Owner, Session Cocktails

Inspired from his time in Colorado during the craft beer craze, Hunter picked up “The Bar Book” by Jeffrey Morgenthaler to learn all about classic cocktails, syrups and infusions. Then, Hunter took another bartending job, beginning his seven-year journey of pursuing his dream of opening his own bar.

“What was really appealing about bartending was how every time you made a cocktail for someone and you slid it across the table, you could see the genuine satisfaction and reaction when they take that first sip.”

Hunter Wiggins, Owner, Session Cocktails

How is Session Cocktails creating an inviting, eclectic atmosphere?

Session Cocktail Drink
Get excited for an upscale-meets-tropical aesthetic. (MKC Photography / Session Cocktails)

Inspired by his extensive travels across the country, Hunter crafted the perfect experience, including everything from the service operations to the menu and the interior designs.

His visit to a New Orleans bar sparked the idea to open a classy cocktail bar with a classic American ballroom feel and a college town twist. Hunter’s goal was to curate an elevated, upscale experience that is still approachable and appropriate for any occasion.

Session Cocktails is a classy cocktail bar, but don’t worry—there’s an endless amount of fun. The austere, American ballroom feel is perfectly balanced with a Tiki-esque vibe, including tropical uniforms and pictures of flamingos. Personally, I love the pops of greenery and gorgeous drink presentations—it’s picture-perfect.

Whether you are going out for a special occasion or want a casual drink after work, Session Cocktails will be your new go-to.

What can you expect when you visit?

Session Cocktail Logo And Entrance
The Session Cocktails entrance sets the mood for a great experience. (MKC Photography / Session Cocktails)

Session Cocktail isn’t your typical bar. You are greeted by a host at the door and only allowed in if you have a seat to sit at. There’s no waiting in line at the bar to order your drink—you are waited on at your table and served your drinks in a timely manner.

Hunter recognizes that this is what differentiates Session Cocktails from other places that just sell alcohol. It sets the tone for a unique experience and provides the opportunity to allow everyone to create the atmosphere they want it to be.

What’s on the menu?

Session Cocktail Drink Menu
Session Cocktails is dedicated to serving accessible and approachable Modern Classic cocktails that you will find at any restaurant or cocktail bar in the country. (MKC Photography / Session Cocktails)

Carefully crafted pre-prohibition and modern classic cocktails are the focus of Session Cocktails, although you can order any drink you’d typically order from a bar. The menu includes 10-12 thoughtfully selected cocktails along with a few in-house creations, which will rotate every few months (plus select beers and wine).

Not only does Session Cocktails serve up great drinks, but they also support local charities through their program “Cocktail for a Cause.” Each month, a portion of one featured cocktail’s proceeds go toward a partnering charity. Even better, Session Cocktails exclusively uses Tito’s Vodka because they match every donation.

Hunter is ecstatic to open the doors and serve the Auburn community. Get pumped to visit Session Cocktails on Thursday, December 1.

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