NEW: Yellowhammer News, Soul Grown + more acquired by new media group

Yellowhammer News
Yellowhammer News and its affiliates have been acquired by a new media group. (Sarah Gronberg / The Bama Buzz)

Paul Shashy and Thomas Harris have formed a new umbrella media company, YHN Media Group LLC, and have purchased several Alabama media outlets to operate under it. Here’s what you need to know about their new venture.

The new YHN Media Group LLC

Birmingham At Night
(Nathan Watson / The Bama Buzz)

There are three key players in the formation of the the YHN Media Group LLC: Paul Shashy, Thomas Harris and Ellis Terry. Here’s what you need to know about them:

  • Paul Shashy is a Montgomery native who earned his MBA from the University of Alabama. He currently lives in Birmingham, where he has worked Public Affairs Specialist at BIG Communications, a Campaign Manager for Tommy Tuberville, a Consultant/Owner at Pash Communications and a Principal at SR Communications.
  • Thomas Harris attended Auburn University, graduating in 1971 with a B.S. in Business. Formerly, he was the CEO and president of Merchant Capital. He is now the president of a non-profit, Alabama Black Belt Adventures.
  • Ellis Terry attended the University of Alabama, where he majored in Business Administration and Management. He is a real estate investor and Director of Business Development at Ingram and Associates. He also founded SoulGrown, one of Yellowhammer News’ affiliates.

Shashy and Harris purchased Yellowhammer News and its affiliates, and Terry will serve as president of the new umbrella entity.

Here are the media outlets that will now operate under the YHN Media Group LLC umbrella:

  • 256 Today News
  • Yellowhammer News
  • Soul Grown
  • YHN Radio Network

What will change?

In short, nothing. This is what Ellis Terry, the new president of YHN Media Group LLC, had to say, according to Yellowhammer News:

“Yellowhammer News and its affiliates will continue sharing positive stories about our state, its people, and the qualities and beliefs that make Alabama such a special place to live, work, worship, and raise families.”

Ellis Terry, president, YHN Media Group LLC

According to Yellowhammer News, “The new management will assume their responsibilities immediately. No interruption in service or content on any of the websites or media outlets will occur during the transition.”

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