New Sweet Tea Festival in Enterprise is the only one like it in Alabama—happening this weekend

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Something’s brewing in the City of Progress. If you can believe it, Alabama doesn’t have a festival to celebrate sweet tea—until now. The City of Enterprise is celebrating the Southern staple this weekend. Keep reading to learn more about the new Sweet Tea Festival.

What’s happening at the one-and-only Sweet Tea Festival

Whether your favorite variety is Milo’s, Red Diamond or homemade, every sweet tea lover is welcome to sip their hearts out at the first-ever Sweet Tea Festival in Enterprise on Saturday, August 19. Here’s what’s happening;

  • Live music (from Nashville’s Sweet Tea Trio, of course)
  • Sweet tea drinking contest
  • Home-brewed tea contest
  • 50+ vendors
  • Food (to be washed down with sweet tea)
  • Tea-drinking etiquette tips

Needless to say, it’s going to be a sweet-tea-loving Alabamian’s dream.

Attend the Sweet Tea Festival on Aug. 19

Ready to celebrate this Southern staple? Here’s the details.

“We are celebrating a Southern tradition, the house wine of the South, culture in a glass, the greatest of all Southern drinks.

This icebreaking event is the first of its kind in Alabama.”

Tammy Doerer, Director, Tourism and Community Relations (City of Enterprise, Alabama’s website)

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