NEW: The Bean Bro is expanding in Alabama

The Bean Bro
The Bean Bro is growing in Alabama! (The Bean Bro / Facebook)

Drive-thru coffee spots seem to be all the rage lately, and one local Alabama chain in expanding again. Here’s what you need to know about The Bean Bro.

What’s on the menu at The Bean Bro

The Bean Bro, founded in 2019, is a colorful, happy coffee chain with five locations in Alabama currently in Daleville, Dothan, Enterprise and Ozark.

On their menu, you’ll find the following favorites:

  • Iced + hot lattes in signature flavors like Avalanche (chocolate + sweet cream), Moose Track (caramel + vanilla) and Deer Camp (salted caramel + sweet cream)
  • Cold brews (try adding cold foam!)
  • Teas—matcha, chai, berry hibiscus + more
  • Yetis in flavors like Gummy Bear (pomegranate, passion fruit + watermelon), Cactus (kiwi + green apple) and Yellowstone (mango, passionfruit + pineapple)
  • Coconut milk refreshers
  • Donuts in all kinds of classic and creative flavors, from glazed to maple

But The Bean Bro doesn’t stop there. They sell their own locally-roasted coffee like the Black Bear Roast and Campfire Roast. They also sell coffee equipment and supplies wholesale and offer fun coffee mugs and accessories.

The Bean Bro is Expanding in Alabama + Florida

In a social media announcement, The Bean Bro announced that they’re expanding beyond their five current locations. This time, they’re expanding beyond Alabama and into Florida. However, they’re also going to open more Alabama locations.

They’re keeping the new locations a secret for now, so be sure to keep an eye out on their social media pages for further announcements.

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