New Troy bourbon distillery set to open 2024—here’s the latest

Concecuh Ridge Distillery
Conecuh Ridge Distillery rendering. (Conecuh Brands)

Since Conecuh Brands broke ground on Conecuh Ridge Distillery in January 2022, a lot has happened with Alabama’s first bourbon distillery. Keep reading for all the latest.

Conecuh Ridge Distillery coming summer 2024

  • Concecuh Ridge Distillery
  • Concecuh Ridge Distillery
  • Concecuh Ridge Distillery
  • Concecuh Ridge Distillery

Troy will soon be home to Conecuh Ridge Distillery, a production facility for Clyde May’s Alabama Whiskey, the Official State Spirit of Alabama™. However, there’s a lot more in store for Conecuh Ridge Distillery that will make it not only a distillery, but also a tourist destination.

Here’s what the new facility will include, according to the Troy Messenger:

  • Bottling plant
  • Restaurant + bar
  • Tasting rooms
  • Retail shop
  • Barrelhouse

Currently, the Conecuh Brands team is projecting a May 2024 opening. However, the possibility of weather delays may push the opening back to summer 2024. Either way, we can’t wait to see the stunning design come to life.

“I am thrilled that we are finally bringing this whiskey back to home to Alabama where my grandfather made it for almost 45 years. This distillery will not only be a great tourist attraction, it will also be home to some of the south’s best whiskey. I know my grandfather would be proud.”

Lewis May, grandson of Clyde May, State Sales Manager – Alabama, Conecuh Brands

About Clyde May’s Whiskey

The Official State Spirit of Alabama™, Clyde May’s Alabama Style™ Whiskey’s story is as iconic as its flavor.

Clyde May was born shortly before the Great Depression. After being raised by a single mother, he served in the Army’s 77th Infantry Division during World War II. After returning home to Alabama with a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart, he started to hone his moonshine-making craft.

In 1973, he ended up in the Montgomery federal penitentiary for his infamous moonshine making, but that didn’t stop him after he got out. He kept perfecting his moonshine, and in 2001, it became legal. As Clyde May’s website says, “Distilled since 1946. Legal since 2001.”

Since then, Clyde May’s Whiskey has continued to grow in popularity—and variety. Beyond the famous Alabama Style™ Whiskey, their lines include:

  • Straight Bourbon (92 proof)
  • Special Reserve Bourbon (110 proof)
  • Cask Strength (120 proof)
  • Straight Rye (94 proof)

Now, Alabama’s about to have a new way to enjoy them all at Conecuh Ridge Distillery, right near where Clyde May first perfected his moonshine.

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