New Tuscaloosa Strip Whataburger to feature food lockers, 24/7 service

Who’s hungry? (Whataburger)

The popular orange-covered, fast-service burger spot is coming to the Strip in Tuscaloosa—but it’s not your average Whataburger. Keep reading to find out what makes this new Whataburger every college student’s dream.

One of the first of Whataburger’s “Digital Kitchens”

Whataburger’s new “Digital Kitchen” concept launched in July 2023, with the first of its kind opening in Austin, Texas. Now, the tech-focused concept is coming to one of hottest spots in Tuscaloosa—the Strip.

Here’s what the new Whataburger will feature:

  • 24/7 service (yes, it’s perfect for a college town)
  • On-site, self-service ordering kiosks
  • Food lockers (Don’t worry, no cold fries here. The compartments keep everything warm until you pick it up.)

And if that wasn’t enough to make this Whataburger stand out, the sign is also a far cry from the usual bright orange. Instead, the sign is all-white, reportedly required by the landlord.

Of course, there’s been plenty of speculations that the signature orange logo isn’t allowed on the Strip due to age-old rivalries.

Where you can find it

No matter the sign color (or the reason for it), we’re excited to see what this new Whataburger concept is like when it opens at the Strip. Here’s what we know:

There have been recent Whataburger openings across the state, too (although they’re not quite as techy). Check out these new locations in Cullman, Albertville and Huntsville.

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