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Session Cocktails
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Session Cocktails is open and thriving in downtown Auburn. (MKC Photography / Session Cocktails)

The highly anticipated Session Cocktails is now open in downtown Auburn! Session Cocktails officially opened its second location in downtown Auburn in early December. Read below to see why this is the new it-bar for downtown Auburn.

A brand new experience

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Session Cocktails has an eclectic style, including the bar backdrop. (MKC Photography / Session Cocktails)

Locals were already raving about Session before it opened—the buzz hasn’t stopped since opening night. Everywhere I go, I hear people talking about their first experience at Session and singing its praises. It’s safe to say owner Hunter Wiggins knew what he was doing bringing this fun, upscale bar to downtown.

What to expect at Session Cocktails

You always have a seat when you ‘have a session’ at Session Cocktails. (MKC Photography / Session Cocktails)

What makes Session so great? It’s a combination of the environment, the service and the incredibly menu. When you enter Session, you immediately get the classic American ballroom feel with the dark wood, velvet seating, gold accents and elegant decor. You also get the funky, eclectic vibe with the tropical decor, greenery, vibrant wallpaper, fun lamps and neon lighting.

Aside from the lively, classy design, Session approaches service in a unique way. You’re greeted at the door by a host (not a door guy) and seated only if they have enough seats to accommodate your party. You’re served table-side by a server and your order comes out in a timely manner which makes guests feel classy and important.

“We’re creating an experience that is memorable each and every time you come in. So, there’s no ordering from the bar, ordering across people seated at the bar or walking around and meandering amongst other people’s tables. It helps set the tone right away that this isn’t a bar. This differentiates us amongst places that just sell alcohol and it gives us the opportunity to allow you to create the atmosphere you want it to be with the party that you’re with.”

Hunter Wiggins, Owner, Session Cocktails

Session Cocktails mixes their drinks using their own syrups and the best ingredients. (MKC Photography / Session Cocktails)

Wondering what types of cocktails you can sip on? Session serves classic and modern classic cocktails made with quality, fresh ingredients and house-made syrups.

“We want people that come to drink with us to become familiar with classic and modern classic cocktails known worldwide. So when they venture to places like Nashville and Atlanta and New York, they can walk into a restaurant or cocktail bar and have an idea of what they want to drink.”

Hunter Wiggins, Owner, Session Cocktails

Grab your crew + head to Session Cocktails

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Session Cocktail is the perfect destination for any occasion. (MKC Photography / Session Cocktails)

Next time you want a casual drink after work, to celebrate that promotion or just have a good time, Session Cocktails is the place. Hunter wants Session to feel fun and approachable for everyone, no matter the occasion (so don’t feel like you have to be dressed to the nines to get in). If you ask anyone who’s already visited Session Cocktails how their experience was, the answer is always positive.

“My friends and I had an amazing experience our first time visiting Session Cocktails. We absolutely loved it. It is affordable but still upscale and the menu had lots of variety. I love that there is wait service—it gives a different experience than other options downtown.”

Grace Martis, Senior, Auburn University

Cocktail for a Cause

Chai Milk Punch Edited Scaled
This month’s Cocktail for a Cause is the Yippee Chai Yay. (MKC Photography / Session Cocktails)

If you thought Session couldn’t get any more community-driven, it does. Every month, Session partners with a local charity to collaborate on a special cocktail through their Cocktail for a Cause program. A portion of the sales from the monthly cocktail goes directly back to the partnered charities. This month’s Cocktail for a Cause benefitting the Boys & Girls Clubs of East Alabama is the Yippee Chai Yay (made with Chai-infused Slane Irish Whiskey, Cream and Dem).

“It’s been an awesome, awesome way of being able to positively impact the community we’re in. We’ve gotten to know so many great people and raise awareness for great causes in the process.”

Hunter Wiggins, Owner, Session Cocktails

This tradition started in 2020 at Session’s Tuscaloosa with a local charity to honor Hunter’s close family friend, Tina Williams, a local teacher who passed away in a car wreck. To honor her memory, Hunter added a special drink to the menu that month to fundraise for a charity that one of her students founded. During the next month, locals asked him what the new cocktail of the month would be, which kicked off Cocktail for a Cause.

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