Oak Mountain State Park’s New Color Corrective Viewfinders Help Those With Color Blindness

Oak Mountain State Park
Imagine how beautiful Oak Mountain State Park is when viewing it through viewfinders with color corrective lenses. (Oak Mountain State Park / Facebook)

Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham just got more colorful with the installation of viewfinders with color corrective lenses by EnChroma. Read on to learn how this new addition is changing the game for those with red-green color blindness.

The project

According to Outdoor Alabama, the idea to install EnChroma lenses at Oak Mountain State Park stemmed from a recent installation of an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessible viewfinder at Peavine Falls overlook—a spring-fed waterfall located at the topmost ridge of Oak Mountain State Park. 

The project was made possible through a partnership between Oak Mountain State Park, the Alabama State Parks Foundation and the Delta Gamma Alumnae of Greater Birmingham

Delta Gamma raised funds for the lenses at Oak Mountain, while the Alabama State Parks Foundation facilitated the project.

“I’d recently been elected as Vice President of Foundation for the alumnae board and was looking for a project that would benefit the community and reflect our Service for Sight philanthropy. We immediately knew this was the perfect project for both Delta Gamma and Oak Mountain State Park.”

Brittany Muncher, Vice President of Foundation, Delta Gamma

What’s Service for Sight? It’s Delta Gamma’s philanthropy program that advocates for those who are blind or visually impaired throughout the country. The program offers aid to the blind as well as promotes sight preservation, awareness and conservation.

How it works

Oak Mountain State Park
Don’t miss the view. (Oak Mountain State Park)

According to Outdoor Alabama, a look through Oak Mountain’s new viewfinders offer a different experience for everyone. While many see a wider spectrum and greater vibrancy of colors, some will have a more dramatic experience due to their level of color blindness. 

“We are grateful for Delta Gamma’s partnership on this project. We have staff members at Oak Mountain who are color blind. It has been a truly emotional experience for them to use the new lenses.”

Kelly Ezell, North Region Operations Supervisor, Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ (ADCNR) State Parks Division

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