OPEN NOW: The Haunted Book Shop reopens at new location in Downtown Mobile

Are you looking forward to spooky season yet? If so, The Haunted Book Shop may be the place for you. This unique and locally owned bookstore has made its official move to a new and improved location in Downtown Mobile. Be sure to keep reading for all the boo-tiful details!

Turning a new page

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Grand opening of the new location at the August ArtWalk in Downtown Mobile. (The Haunted Book Shop / Facebook)

Located at 9 S. Joachim St. across from Cafe 219 and The Saenger Theater, The Haunted Book Shop is officially back open for business. With a wide selection of book genres varying from the classics to non-fiction and, of course, horror, you are bound to find a page-turner you will not want to put down.

The history

The original concept behind The Haunted Book Shop dates back to 1941. It was originally started by Adelaide Trigg and Cameron Plummer. The two founders named their new addition after their favorite book, The Haunted Bookshop by Christopher Morley, and the rest was history (literally)! It was open in Mobile for 50 years, but like all good things, the store came to an end in 1991.

New beginnings

When Angela Trigg, the current owner of The Haunted Book Shop, decided to give the shop a fresh start in 2018, she named it in honor of her grandmother’s store. With a larger and more easily accessible new location, customers can feel at ease knowing that each book on the shelves has been carefully curated and strategically placed for their browsing pleasure.

With everything on one floor, rather than the two-floor plan the old location offered, this additional square footage allows employees to shelve and stock quicker while giving patrons a bit more wiggle room to browse in luxury while searching for their all-time favorites.

A furry friend

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Mr. Bingley hard at work. (Emma Lamm / The Bama Buzz)

On top of all the great book finds, it is always a plus to have a furry companion at your side while you shop. Mr. Bingley is the bookshop’s resident cat who loves attention, pets and helping you find your next read. Store owner Angela Trigg rescued him as a kitten, and as every dedicated customer knows, he is a perfect fit to the atmosphere.

Since making the initial move to their prior location, Mr. Bingley has stolen the hearts of many, soaking up all of the love and attention that he is offered. Between the dedicated customers and first-timers alike, Mr. Bingley has quickly become a fan favorite to anyone who stops by and catches him casually strolling through the shelves looking for his next new favorite book (to sleep next to, of course.)

Moving forward

Decorated from head to toe with all-black bookshelves, skeleton friends scattered across the countertops and every book genre imaginable, you will seriously want to add The Haunted Book Shop to your October bucket list. With so many upcoming opportunities and events, this place is bound to be scary good.

The Haunted Book Shop must live up to its name somehow. Wondering if there’s anything big for the upcoming Halloween season? We’ve got you covered.

“We’re the Haunted Bookshop. Of course we’re going to do something fun for the spooky season! We just don’t know what it is yet. We always try to do a fun theme for Halloween.”

Alex McLeod, full-time employee, The Haunted Book Shop
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New place, same greatness. (Emma Lamm / The Bama Buzz)

Be sure to check out The Haunted Book Shop on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for more information about upcoming events, new books and more.

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