OPEN NOW: Trader Joe’s in Huntsville + 7 items to grab

Trader Joe'S In Huntsville
The moment Huntsville has been waiting for. Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

The second and long-awaited Trader Joe’s in Alabama opened amid much fanfare this morning at 9AM in Huntsville. Not quite sure what would make you want to leave your friendly neighborhood grocery store to check out Trader Joe’s? We’ve put together a list of seven fan favorites you can only find at Trader Joe’s.

Open now

Trader Joe'S In Huntsville
Here is a look at this morning’s line. Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

You can find Huntsville’s newest addition at MidCity District. Trader Joe’s opened September 30 at 9AM.

Huntsvillians kicked off the opening with a ceremony with the Store Captain Jerimy Krepps, the Huntsville High Marching Band, the Trader Joe’s employees and customers who’d been waiting in line since 10PM on September 29.

Let’s get shopping.

1. Flowers

Trader Joe'S In Huntsville
What’s your favorite flower? Taken at Trader Joe’s Birmingham. Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

I never leave Trader Joe’s without bringing home a bouquet of fresh flowers. Starting at $3.99, you can fill your house with pretty flowers and sweet smells.

Plus, who doesn’t love receiving flowers? Pick out a bouquet for a friend, roommate, family member or special someone. You’re sure to score major brownie points.

2. Everything But The Bagel seasoning

Trader Joe'S Huntsville
Throw this on your grocery list. Taken at Trader Joe’s Birmingham. Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

A go-to. This is a customer favorite and can be used in so many ways. Sea salt, garlic and onion come together to make the perfect seasoning.

I love Everything But The Bagel sprinkled onto a bell pepper with cream cheese. It is also to die for on a plain bagel.

Plus, the price is a steal. Only $1.99 for this much flavor? Yes please.

3. Tea Tree Tingle

Trader Joe'S Huntsville
Yes, yes yes. Taken at Trader Joe’s Birmingham. Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

This is my very favorite Trader Joe’s buy! For years, I’ve been buying the Tea Tree Tingle shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

Even when I lived nowhere near a Trader Joe’s, I’d stock up out of town or even have family members ship it to me. Yes, it’s that good.

Thanks to the peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus, you will feel minty fresh. For $3.99 per bottle, give it a try.

4. Hash browns

Trader Joe'S In Huntsville
Serve with bacon and eggs. Taken at Trader Joe’s Birmingham. Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

Want to whip up some restaurant quality breakfast? These hash browns are delicious. Pop one of these into the oven, toaster or air fryer and you’re good to go.

They are a staple in my freezer. For $2.29, I grab one each time I go to Trader Joe’s, so I’ll never run out.

5. Puffed peanut snacks

Trader Joe'S Huntsville
Beware—you may eat the whole bag. Taken at Trader Joe’s Birmingham. Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

Trader Joe’s has so many snacks to choose from. Here’s one that is always at the top of my list. Clearly other customers agree with me, it is a customer choice award winner.

These yummy snacks are priced at $0.99 and taste like a spoonful of peanut butter.

6. Wine

Trader Joe'S Huntsville
These make great hostess gifts. Taken at Trader Joe’s Birmingham. Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

The wine selection at Trader Joe’s is a must. I love a glass of rose and this $7.99 bottle is an automatic yes.

The wine selection is extensive, so you’ll have to start trying them for yourself.

7. Food for all the special diets

Trader Joe'S In Huntsville
You can find vegan pizza in the frozen section at Huntsville’s Trader Joe’s. Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

While loyal fans of Trader Joe’s have been known to travel across state lines to stock up on their favorites, one of the things that makes this store a must-visit for new customers is all the items you can get for special diets.

Just found out your dinner guest is gluten-free? Never fear. Ask if one of the crew members to help you locate them in the Huntsville store. They can be found throughout the store.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving and one of your favorite family members has gone vegan? Same deal. Armed with the Trader Joe’s vegan list and a friendly crew member who knows the store, you’ll be ready to satisfy all your guests in no time.

Need some kosher chicken for the perfect matzoh ball soup, or fool-proof latkes this Chanukah? Check out Trader Joes’ kosher list for all the things that keep even the most observant Jews coming back for more. Plus, they’ve got chocolate babka. Need we say more? 

Huntsville, show us your Trader Joe’s picks. Tag us on social @thebamabuzz.

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