COMING SOON: Target is making its way to downtown Auburn

Target Auburn
Auburn get ready for Target x2! Photo via Godbold and Company

On North College Street, you’ll soon be able to shop at Auburn’s second Target location. This popular retail store will be found in the upcoming Godbold building, a mixed-use development that’s expected to break ground in 2022. Keep reading for all the deets.


Parking Lot Auburn
Here’s a sneak peek of the parking lot. Photo via Godbold and Company

Instead of going all the way to Tiger Town, pick up that one thing—or several things—right downtown. The projected store will be between the Five Guys and the Wright Street parking deck.

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This exciting development is underway thanks to Godbold Company and JNS Realty and is projected to open by spring 2023. What will be known as the Godbold building, Target will be located on its first floor. Above it will be market-rate housing.

Basically, the apartments are gonna be affordable.

All about Godbold

Auburn, Alabama
Target fans, get ready. Photo via Nathan Watson for The Bama Buzz

The developers of the Godbold building wanted to make walkability a top priority. So when walking downtown in the evening, you’ll experience a well-lit walkway that will highlight the beautiful upper-level apartments.

The original design called for Godbold to be 75-foot tall with 110 apartments. But the plan changed over concerns that the building would tower over others downtown.

Now, the top half of the development will feature 32 two-bed two-bath apartments. The smaller design also makes the housing more affordable, which is great for the ever-growing college village.

“This allows us to really combat some of the construction pricing that we’re dealing with right now with materials, and it’s just a better fit here. What we wanted to do was to present something that really fit in well with College Street.”

Chris Godbold, Godbold and Company owner

We can’t wait for the second Target coming to Auburn. Do you have your Target list ready?

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