OPENING: The Veganish Market is opening Aug. 8 in downtown Tuscaloosa

The Veganish Market
There are options for vegans and non-vegans on the menu. (The Veganish Market / Facebook)

No matter if you’re plant-based or not, you have to swing by this new vegan restaurant in downtown Tuscaloosa. The Veganish Market is opening on Monday, August 8 and will be a perfect spot for vegans and other food lovers. Keep reading to find out the buzz.

Introducing The Veganish Market

The Veganish Market
Owner Yazmyn Rozier. (The Veganish Market / Facebook)

This vegan restaurant is opening its doors this upcoming Monday, August 8 as a place for plant-based eaters and those aspiring to transition to this lifestyle to find tasty eats. Not only is the owner and founder Yazmyn Rozier offering an inclusive menu for different diets, but she’s also doing her part in limiting the restaurant’s carbon footprint by recycling and using little to no paper, washable serving equipment and bio-degradable packaging.

“My location is right on University, so I hope to capture college students and the young professionals of downtown. I think that there’s a very diverse demographic that I can capture. It is also my hope that other local restaurants will be encouraged to add a few vegan options to their menus as well.”

Yazmyn Rozier, Owner, The Veganish Market

What’s on the menu?

The Veganish Market
Can you tell these burgers aren’t made with meat? (The Veganish Market / Facebook)

The menu includes refreshing drinks like smoothies and mocktails and tasty small plates and bowls. Some of the dishes that you’ll have to try include:

  • Burger slider
  • Burrito bowl
  • Garden pasta
  • Smoothie bowls
  • Tomato bisque with grilled cheese

“Most times the question that new business face is ‘what can i offer that’s different?’ There are a few restaurants that offer one to two vegetarian options but no restaurant dedicated to fulfilling the need of the plant based community. I wanted to create a menu for them so that they don’t have to settle for a salad or French fries when they dine.”

Yazmyn Rozier, Owner, The Veganish Market

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