The Protect Our Birds tag helps you support Alabama’s birds—for free

Masked Girl Holding Bird - Protect Our Bird Tag
Discover how to help our state’s birds. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

Spring is in the air, and you’ve probably seen our feathered friends everywhere you look. Alabama is home to beautiful birds, and Alabama Audubon has been protecting them since 1946, but they need our help. Want to support their work? Now you can with a Protect Our Birds tag—for free. Keep reading to find out how.

Alabama Audubon’s Protect Our Birds Specialty Tag

Alabama Audubon Tag
Protecting our birds just got even easier. Photo via Alabama Audubon

This year, the easiest thing you can do to support Alabama Audubon’s mission is pre-committing to your Protect Our Birds tag—for free. That’s right, you can make an impact on our state’s conservation without making an impact on your bank account.

Alabama Audubon is releasing Protect Our Birds tags for drivers and motorcyclists, but they need 1,000 commitments before beginning production.

Specialty tags cost $50 per year (with 82% of that going directly to Alabama Audubon), but if you add your name to the pre-commitment list, Alabama Audubon will cover your fee. Plus, adding your name to the list isn’t an obligation—just an easy way to help an organization that’s doing so much for our state’s conservation efforts.

Here’s Why It Matters

Hummingbird Drinks From The Feeder
Hummingbirds move so quickly that their wings appear as a blur. Photo via Carole Sawada for Bham Now

Alabama Audubon already does important work to ensure that our state’s birds are safe, but they need financial support for their mission. With each specialty tag, the beloved organization receives a majority of the proceeds. This revenue will be used for everything from new programs to educational activities.

Want an idea of the different projects your tag purchase could support? Here are just a few:

  • Chimney swift towers throughout Alabama as extra habitat for chimney swifts
  • Bird banding projects to better study migratory birds
  • A new office in the Black Belt to promote bird watching as a tourist and economic development activity

“It really is a wonderful source of revenue to support organizations and causes.”

Chris Oberholster, Development Director, Alabama Audubon

Who Designed the Tag?

Multiple Hummingbirds Gather Around The Feeder
A hummingbird’s favorite restaurant. Photo via Carole Sawada for Bham Now

The Protect Our Birds tag is a true collaboration of dedicated Alabamians who want to see our state’s conservation efforts thrive. This tag was developed by students at UAB in their art history classes.

That means that when you support Alabama Audubon with your new tag, you’re also fostering the thriving arts scene of Birmingham. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Want to learn more about Alabama birds? Be sure to follow along Bama Buzz and connect with Alabama Audubon today.

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