Rodney Scott—best known for his 2 BBQ restaurant locations in Alabama—guest stars on SHOWTIME’s “Billions”

Rodney Scott
It’s a good day. (Rodney Scott’s)

Rodney Scott is known and loved by many Birmingham foodies because of his two BBQ restaurants in the Magic City. On Sunday, February 13th, the famed chef appeared on SHOWTIME’s “Billions”—bringing the love of Southern food to thousands of viewers. Keep reading to get the full details.

Who is Rodney Scott?

Rodney Scott
Meet the man. (Rodney Scott’s)

Scott first opened his now-famous restaurant back in 2017 in Charleston, South Carolina. Soon thereafter, Birmingham’s own Nick Pihakis—the father of Jim-N-Nick’s—asked him to come down to Alabama, where Scott opened an Avondale location of his restaurant in 2019. In fact, Rodney Scott’s was so successful that he was able to open a second location in Homewood—his BBQ is that good.

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On “Billions”

If you’re not familiar with “Billions”, the show stars Paul Giamatti as New York Attorney General Chuck Rhodes, who aims to bring down billionaire Mike Prince. 

In his “Billions” debut on Sunday night, Rodney Scott played himself and treated a group of people in NYC to some of his BBQ. 

“Welcome, members. This is the whole hog. Understand, folks, that I have slow-cooked and hand-pulled for you to enjoy to the fullest.”

Rodney Scott in “Billions”

According to CBS 42, Scott was invited to be on the show by one of “Billion’s” producers after they had visited his Charleston restaurant. Impressed with the food—as he should since Rodney Scott was awarded Best Chef in the Southeast (2018)—the producer immediately reached out to him about guest-starring.

FUN FACT: This isn’t Rodney Scott’s first appearance on the big screen. Previously, he made an appearance on Netflix’s “Chef Table: BBQ,” an Emmy nominated series.

Maybe we’ll get to see more of Alabama’s talent on more shows. Only time will tell!

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