These local groups have exciting community events to support the Ronald McDonald House—how to get involved


Alabama Speedgolf
Alabama Speedgolf for a cause. (RMHCA)

When families have children in the hospital, one of the most important things is keeping them together. Thankfully, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama (RMHCA) is there to do just that. RMHCA provides a warm, welcoming house with 73 guest rooms and a family room inside UAB Women and Infants Center with three sleeping rooms while their children go through hospital treatments—and you can continue to make that possible! Keep reading to learn more about fun community events in Alabama that give back to RMHCA and how you can get involved.

Keeping families together when they need it most ❤️

The Ronald McDonald House provides a “home-away-from-home” for families and their children who are receiving treatment at Children’s of Alabama, UAB or other area hospitals. RMHCA doesn’t just provide a house though—it gives families the comfort of a support network.

RMHCA’s annual budget is $2.6 million, and because they don’t receive any state or federal funding, they rely on communities throughout the state of Alabama to raise funds.

“We couldn’t keep our doors open without the support of communities all over the state of Alabama. The stories are always different as to why someone decides to host an event that benefits the Ronald McDonald House but the outcome is always the same… keeping families together when they need it most.”

Stephanie Langford, Marketing and Communications Director, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama

Connecting community + spreading love with the Lyla Ride 🏍️

When the pastor of Cedar Grove Baptist Church’s granddaughter was born, she had to spend the first year of her life in hospitals. Thankfully, RMHCA was there to be a home-away-from-home for Lyla and her family.

To raise funds to support the home that gave so much to Lyla and her family, their church family at Cedar Grove Baptist Church started a community motorcycle ride to raise funds and to enjoy fellowship together.

“It’s just a day of fun and fellowship! A lot of times, Lyla will be there to bless the food or she and her mom will tell the story of how they stayed in the Ronald McDonald House for the first year of her life.”

Ronnie Burleson

Lyla is doing well 10 years later, but the ride is still an important part of the Cedar Grove Baptist Church’s church family. Participants start at Cedar Grove and ride to different churches in the area to spread the message. In the last 10 years, the ride has raised $22,400 thanks to participants’ entries and donations!

“It’s really just an awesome feeling to know that we are contributing to other families who need that same help that our pastor’s family did when they were going through this battle.”

Ronnie Burleson

Want to support RMHCA and their mission of keeping sick children close to their parents? Donate today.

Alabama Speedgolf 🏌️

Alabama Speedgolf
A wonderful way to give back. (RMHCA)

Speedgolf is an exciting version of golf where participants are rewarded by playing golf quickly, and now, it’s in Alabama benefitting RMHCA.

Jonathan Jeff, a teacher at Liberty Park Middle School, discovered Speedgolf after looking for a hobby that would combine his love of running and golf. Because there weren’t any Speedgolf competitions in Alabama, he worked on bringing the sport to the state. Now, he’s helping host Speedgolf competitions in Birmingham to raise funds for RMHCA—and to introduce others to the sport!

“It’s awesome to be able to give money to families that would normally not have a place to be when their kiddos are staying in the hospital.”

Jonathan Jeff

In June, Birmingham hosted the Alabama Speedgolf Open to raise funds for RMHCA, and it was an amazing success! In just two years, the Speedgolf Open has raised $2,500 for RMHCA with entry fees, sponsorships and raffles.

How YOU can get involved + other community events👇

There are so many events and opportunities to get involved in your community and give back to RMHCA.

To keep up with RMHCA and find out how you can get involved, check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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