Your Happy Meal can help sick children in Alabama stay close to their families


Round Up For Ronald Mcdonald House At Mcdonald'S
Smile this big at the drive-thru when you give back. (Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama)

When children are in the hospital, finding a comfortable and loving place to stay near the hospital should be the last thing parents have to worry about. Thanks to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama (RMHCA), children and their families have a home that’s full of love… and it’s all at no cost to them. How? Through the generosity of longtime partners like McDonald’s and a supportive community.

Supporting RMHCA is as easy as rounding up in the drive-thru 🍟

Jason Mcdonald
Jason McDonald, General Manager of Vestavia Hills McDonald’s, loves giving back to RMHCA. (Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama)

If you aren’t familiar with RMHCA, they’ve got a big job helping some of the smallest people in our lives: our children. The nonprofit gives children like Kolt Carroll, a baby born at only 27 weeks, and their families a place to stay with a loving support system. They’re able to let families stay near local hospitals at no cost to them, thanks to partners like McDonald’s and their fundraising initiative Round-Up for RMHC.

Next time you’re craving a quarter pounder with fries (with a chocolate milkshake too, please!), be sure to Round-Up for RMHC. It’s the easiest way to give back and donate to help families stay close when they need it most. By simply rounding up the cost of your meal to the nearest dollar, you can be a part of contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“People are excited to do it, because they know that it makes a difference. As a matter of fact, some people are overachievers and they want to donate more than their change.”

Jason McDonald, McDonald’s, Vestavia General Manager

It only takes some extra change to make an impact. In 2021, rounding up raised $440,194. Each dollar makes it that much easier to keep a family together.

Locally, Alabama-owned McDonald’s owner/operators, their teams and their customers are the most significant funders of RMHCA, contributing 25% towards the annual $2.2 million budget. That’s worthy of some applause if you ask me.

McDonald’s team members have a heart for the RMHCA mission ❤️

Mcdonald'S Operators
Joe Gothard, Operations Manager for Black Family Restaurants, loves giving back to the families staying at the house. (Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama)

McDonald’s restaurants are locally owned and operated, so leaders and employees get involved in the RMHCA mission. It all adds up, too—whether or not they’ve experienced the hospitality of the Ronald McDonald House themselves or they know people who have.

Meet Joe Gothard, the operations manager for Black Family Restaurants, several local McDonald’s eateries in Birmingham. He saw firsthand how Ronald McDonald House helps keep families close together in the most stressful moments of their lives. By providing a home close to the hospital, warm meals and a loving community, staying at the house makes all the difference.

“I’ve never stayed in the house personally, but I had a daughter who was very sick with epilepsy. We spent about three months straight at Children’s, and I heard what Ronald McDonald House meant to the families, on the elevator and in the lunchroom. I would hear the stories and learn how they didn’t know what they would do without Ronald McDonald House. For me, that’s what brings it full circle—personally seeing the impact that it has on these families.”

Joe Gothard, McDonald’s, Operations Manager for Black Family Restaurants in Birmingham

Joe’s own experience with the Ronald McDonald House inspires his support. Beyond encouraging his team and McDonald’s customers to “Round-Up”, he delivers warm meals to the house twice a month to help feed the families staying there.

Chanita, the manager of the Oxford McDonald’s, knows just how important it is to raise these funds for RMHCA. In fact, her store is the No. 1 store in the state for raising funds through the Round-Up for RMHC program.

“I personally like supporting RMHCA because the RMHCA family provides a home-like environment. RMHCA gives a sense of purpose and care that people deserve to feel.” 

Chanita Byers, Manager, Oxford McDonald’s

Plus, the Round-up program isn’t the only way McDonald’s gives back. They’re also the presenting sponsor of the Red Shoe Run: Rockin’ 5K, a fun 5K that takes place annually. If you want to expand your support for RMHCA beyond the drive-thru, sign up for the Red Shoe Run, either virtually or in-person, taking place on April 9, 2022 in Birmingham.

Your support makes a difference for kids like this đź‘Ź

Children At Rmhca
Thanks to RMHCA, families can stay together. (Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama)

If you aren’t sure how a few cents could make a difference, just know that every penny goes to making sure kids can feel the safety and warmth of a home near hospitals where they are receiving life-saving treatments.

“Every penny does count. It all goes to helping those children at the Ronald McDonald House.”

Jason McDonald, McDonald’s, Vestavia General Manager

The next time you’re at your local McDonald’s, remember to Round-up for the Ronald McDonald House. Plus, find out other ways to support through their website, Instagram and Facebook.

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