Roosters, butter beans and peanuts have something exciting in common—fall festivals

National Peanut Festival
Enjoy carnival rides at the National Peanut Festival. Photo via National Peanut Festival’s Facebook page

Roosters, butterbeans and peanuts, oh my! What do they have in common? It’s fall y’all, so that means their festivals are coming up.

Rooster Day

Rooster Day
Tie up your shoes to run in the color run. Photo via Rooster Day’s Facebook Page

Did you know Woodrow Wilson, European prime ministers and Helen Keller donated roosters to be auctioned off in 1919? When the Dixie Overland Highway was being built, members of Demopolis and Marengo County hosted a rooster auction to raise funds. Today, Alabamians celebrate this day with their annual Rooster Day. Events will include:

  • 5K & 1K Color Run
  • Coop Games
  • Farmers Market
  • Music
  • Rooster Fair in Public Square

You’ll definitely have something to crow about after attending this festival.

Alabama Butterbean Festival

Alabama Butterbean Festival
Pose with the butterbean. Photo via Alabama Butterbean Festival’s Facebook Page

Celebrating their love for this southern side dish is what the people of Pinson do best. The annual Alabama Butterbean Festival is always a show-stopper. In fact, in 2010, a 1,010 gallon pot of butterbeans made the Guinness Book of World Records. The festival will include:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Carnival
  • Entertainment
  • Food

We recommend that you show up hungry to this festival in October.

National Peanut Festival

Get ready to eat some peanuts! Photo via Bama Buzz

It’s only fitting that the National Peanut Festival is hosted at the “Peanut Capital of the World.” Did you know that the majority of the country’s peanuts are grown within a 100-mile radius of Dothan? Beyond tasty food and lots of fun, the festival is a way for the community to recognize local farmers after a successful harvest season.

On November 10, 1938, Dr. George Washington Carver kicked off the first National Peanut Festival with the more than 300 uses of peanuts he discovered. Years later, this 10 day event is filled with:

  • Agriculture
  • Amusement rides
  • Animal attractions
  • Music
  • Parade 
  • And yes, of course, peanuts!

Get ready to crack some peanuts open in Dothan.

Look forward to the start of fall with these fun festivals in Alabama.

Are you planning on attending one of these festivals? Did we miss any other unusual festivals? Tag us @thebamabuzz to let us know!

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