Learn how Round-Up for RMHC changed this Oxford family’s life


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Gadsden, AL. team has brought in $11K so far from Round-Up for RMHC. (RMHCA)

For 44 years, the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama (RMHCA) has provided love and care by keeping families together and near essential medical care their child needs. Many cities across the U.S. contribute to the mission of RMHC by donating, specifically over the past few years, through a fundraiser called Round-Up for RMHC. Keep reading to learn more about a family directly impacted by Round-Up for RMHC, and how you can get involved in RMHCA’s mission.

What is Round-Up for RMHC?

Since 2019, McDonald’s has streamlined the donation process for RMHC—all you have to do is ask to round up your purchase to the nearest whole dollar when you order at McDonald’s. Taking place at over 12,000 McDonald’s restaurants across the U.S., Round-Up for RMHC has become one of their biggest fundraisers and a way everyone can help.

As of May 2023, Oxford, Alabama is the second leading city in the U.S. with $34K (and counting) raised through Round-Up for RMHC.

It takes a community to make sure the Ronald McDonald House can support families when they need it most. You can support this mission at your local McDonald’s today!

Meet the Johnsons

We talked to an Oxford family who has been directly impacted by the support provided through RMHC of Alabama.

Travis and Orpah Johnson walked through the doors of the Ronald McDonald House just two weeks ago so they could be close to their daughter McKenzie. Before they found this community, the family was traveling between Birmingham and their home in Oxford whenever they needed to do laundry, shower or rest. After recommendations from family and hospital staff, the Johnsons finally checked into the Ronald McDonald House of Birmingham and a huge weight was lifted off their shoulders.

“We were getting calls from the hospital while we were an hour away, and since McKenzie was in critical condition, we didn’t want to be away from the hospital anymore. When we moved into the Ronald McDonald House, we were literally across the street.”

Orpah Johnson

Their daughter McKenzie was admitted to Children’s of Alabama with a severe case of meningitis. After many late nights in the hospital, McKenzie is finally in rehabilitation and just around the corner from going home to Oxford. Orpah explained to us how she and her husband Travis kept holding out hope for their daughter.

“We knew this was going to be an uphill battle. But, we decided that no matter what happened, we were going to fight until she tells us she doesn’t want to fight anymore. The hospital staff ensured us that if we wanted to fight, they were going to fight alongside us.”

Orpah Johnson

“Thank you!”

Whether you rounded up yesterday, today or tomorrow, RMHCA wants to say “thank you” to McDonald’s and customers for the support provided through Round-Up for RMHC.

Orpah expressed her gratitude for RMHCA and the many amenities they provide to ease the process for families such as hers who need to spend countless nights in the hospital. Some of her favorite parts of the Ronald McDonald House include:

  • Seeing the Ronald McDonald House from their hospital room
  • Support animals brought in to play with from Hand in Paw
  • The meals provided that took a financial burden off her family

“We really used the Ronald McDonald House as an oasis from the hospital. It can be very stressful staying in the hospital, but it was also stressful going home an hour away. It was truly a blessing being able to step away from the hospital without being far away.”

Orpah Johnson

Small change makes a big impact

Travis And Mckenzie
The Johnsons can see the Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham from their hospital window.

$3M must be raised each year to support both the Ronald McDonald House and the Ronald McDonald Family Room. Rounding up an order to the nearest dollar might not seem like much, but it adds up to make a significant impact. In Alabama, over $517K has been raised through Round-Up for RMHC as of May 2023, which helps cover the cost of 57 nights in the 73-room Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

“You may not see who it impacts when you round-up your McDonald’s order. We didn’t know any families who we were rounding up for, but now we are one of those families.”

Orpah Johnson

During your next visit to McDonald’s, think of RMHCA and ask to round up your order to the nearest dollar. It’s that easy, and it goes on to support families across the state.

Support Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama today—make a donationserve a mealvolunteer or round up the next time you go through your nearest McDonald’s.

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