Rush week at Alabama is coming—here’s what you need to know.

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PNMs (or potential new members) circle sorority row in hopes of finding the right house for them. (Grace Brindley / Bham Now)

As Tuscaloosa heats up, this year’s rush is beginning. 

Chances are you’ve heard of the University of Alabama’s sorority rush, whether you have a connection to the Crimson Tide or have seen the viral “BamaRushTok” trend. UA has the largest Greek life presence in the nation, and though rush is a highly-publicized event, much of the practices remain private. We’re here to give you a beginners’ guide to rush—what it’s like, what’s on the schedule and what it all means.

Here’s how rush week begins 

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PNMs circle sorority row in hopes of finding the right house for them. (Grace Brindley / Bama Buzz)

Rush takes place over eight days. Beginning with Convocation, PNMs (potential new members) meet their Rho Chi leaders (members of sororities who disassociate from their chapters to help rushees) and learn what to expect for the week. 

Later that same day, PNMs watch videos from all of the 18 Panhellenic sorority chapters for Open House.  

Following every round, PNMs rank their top houses and the sororities also submit their preference lists. This process narrows down the number of PNMs who visit the houses each round. 

Here is a detailed schedule of this year’s rush:

  • Saturday, August 12: Convocation (morning)
  • Saturday, August 12: Open House
  • Sunday, August 13: Philanthropy Day I
  • Monday, August 14: Philanthropy Day II
  • Tuesday, August 15: Philanthropy Day III
  • Wednesday, August 16: Sisterhood Day I
  • Thursday, August 17: Sisterhood Day II
  • Friday, August 18: Sisterhood Day III
  • Saturday, August 19: Preference Day I
  • Sunday, August 20: Bid Day

Rush rounds, Bid Day + more

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PNMs outside the Chi Omega, Pi Phi and Kappa Delta houses. (Grace Brindley / Bama Buzz)

Following Convocation and Open House, the rounds leading up to Bid Day begin.

  • Philanthropy round highlights each sorority’s humanitarian work and organizations. For example, Alpha Delta Pi raises money for the Ronald McDonald House. PNMs can be invited to a maximum of 12 houses and wear more casual clothing. 
  • Sisterhood round narrows down PNM’s party list to up to seven sororities. This round focuses on the culture of each chapter and is more formal as attendants could be asked back for Preference!
  • Preference round is the most formal part of recruitment. PNMs attend a maximum of two parties. Conversations are one-on-one and concentrate on what you want from a sorority and if you feel this chapter is the right place for you. 
  • On Bid Day, PNMs gather in Bryant-Denny Stadium and open their “bid” or invitation to join a single sorority and run home to that house. It is a day of excitement and celebration.

What does it all mean?

With over 2,000 young women participating in rush, the process is a huge one. Rush means the opportunity to join a sorority chapter, but also teaches communication, interview skills and decisiveness. Throughout the rush process, individuals from a variety of backgrounds with different qualities come together for an exciting year ahead.

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