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Buc-Ee'S Travel Center In Leeds
Buc-ee’s Travel Center in Leeds

Getting ready to gas up the car and get out of town this Thanksgiving holiday? According to AAA Alabama 53 million people are expected to travel a distance of 50 miles or more during the Thanksgiving holiday. That’s an increase of 13%! 

Thanks to our friends at AAA Alabama — they have a nifty FREE app you can download to the cheapest gas station near you. Access  AAA Mobile app 

Gas Prices Are Slowly Decreasing

So how are gas prices looking this for Thanksgiving and the holiday season?

Clay Ingram, spokesperson with AAA Alabama gave us the holiday gas prices outlook.

“The state average today (November 24) is $3.15 per gallon. That’s actually a decrease of six cents per gallon from just a couple of weeks ago. So it is moving in the right direction —finally! It has been going up since the end of summer travel season due to crude oil price increases, thanks in large part to OPEC restricting their production over the last few months, but our demand is starting to taper off now.”

Want to see how your county is doing – CLICK ON THIS LINK

Cheap Gas
Screenshot of the AAA gas prices in Alabama map on November 24, 2021


Two Powerful Tools to Reduce Gas Prices

How can we collectively reduce gas prices this holiday season? Ingram suggests two tools — conservation and price shopping.

“Motorists have two very powerful tools to put downward pressure on gas prices. One is fuel conservation and we’re doing a pretty good job with that. We’re using some of the gas saving tips that we’ve all heard over the years and taking our more fuel efficient vehicle whenever possible. The other is price shopping. We’re doing a terrible job with that. Most people are not price shopping at all. We’re now buying our gas based on convenience, rather than price. That’s basically just a license for these gas companies, retail stations and everybody out there to mark these prices up higher and higher. And we’re just letting them do that by refusing to price shop.”


Drive Safely Alabama

Be safe Alabama. Do your part by buckling up and driving the speed limit. 

Have a safe Thanksgiving holiday — and hopefully you can save a little cash.

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Pat Byington
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