Try this unique self-serve draft house in Jacksonvilleā€”plus a fun taco spot nearby

Downtown Jacksonville
Historic Jacksonville has several hidden gemsā€”and we explored two of them. (Pat Byington / The Bama Buzz)

Tucked in Calhoun County, Alabama, is the city of Jacksonvilleā€”mostly known for being home to Jacksonville State University. If you look a little deeper, though, the “Gem of the Hills” has a lot more to offer.

We explored one of the most unique spots in Jacksonville, a new self-serve draft house. There’s only a few of these in Alabama, and Apothecary Draft House is one of them.

Keep reading to see what it’s likeā€”plus get a peek at a nearby taco spot that’s perfect for rounding out a fun evening in Jacksonville.

The experience at Jacksonville’s Apothecary Draft House

It’s hard to miss Apothecary Draft House if you’re visiting historic downtown Jacksonville (which, if you haven’t, you should). Located on Public Square, the rustic exterior and twinkling have been inviting folks in since March of 2023.

The rustic theme flows to the inside, where the fun really begins. After putting on your bracelet that connects to your credit card, you can start exploring the dozens of beers (plus some wines).

Apothecary rotates their flavors, so it’s always a different experience. If you just can’t wait to see what they’re offering, though, you can check out their selection on Untappd.

Prices are by the ounce, and that bracelet that you strapped on at the beginning tells you everything you need to know, like your running total. But the self-serve drinks (and fancy bracelets) aren’t the only special things about Apothecary. The atmosphere and events keep the community coming back.

Live music, games + more features

Every visit to Apothecary Draft House is a great time, thanks to the games, events, atmosphere and more. Here’s the weekly rundown of events.

  • Tuesday: Trivia with Shane Noles
  • Wednesday: Bingo (it’s free!)
  • Thursday: Karaoke

You’ll also find some board games lying around for even more fun. If you’re bringing some kids along (yep, it’s a family-friendly place!), these will definitely come in handy.

To take the atmosphere up a notch, Apothecary regularly brings in live music. Keep an eye on their calendar to catch your favorite shows.

But what about food? Apothecary has a great answer to that question. Each table has a QR code, which you can scan to see local spots that deliver straight to your table. One of those spots, Heirloom Taco, is a local favorite.

BONUS: A local taco spot around the corner

Beer and tacos is a hard-to-beat combo, and Apothecary and Heirloom Taco are the dynamic duo doing it right in downtown Jacksonville.

Heirloom Taco, founded in 2019 at Public Square, serves up creative, thoughtfully-made tacos and other Mexican favorites. Their tortillas are the star of the show, as they’re handcrafted from heirloom maize (hence the name). They load them up with fillings like birria, brisket barbacoa and chorizo. They also offer out-of-the-box favoritesā€”like fried chickenā€”and vegan options.

Ready to experience Apothecary and grab some tacos while you’re at it? Here’s where you can find these spots.

Apothecary Draft House:

Heirloom Tacos:

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