Severe storms to hit Alabama—what you need to know

As of 6:53AM, Wednesday, Dec. 29. Photo via US National Weather Service Birmingham Alabama’s Facebook

The last days of 2021 will be met with severe storms across the state of Alabama. Here’s what you need to know and how to prepare.

What’s Ahead

Wednesday, December 29

As of 7:116AM, Wednesday, Dec. 29. Photo via US National Weather Service Birmingham Alabama’s Facebook
  • Expect: Temperatures in the low 70s to 80s with strong-to-severe storms with damaging winds up to 60mph and small threat for tornadoes and hail continuing throughout the night. 
  • Affected Areas: Northwest and Central Alabama

Thursday, December 30

  • Expect: Temperatures in the 70s with showers and storms lasting throughout the afternoon and night.
  • Affected Areas: South and Southeastern portions of Central Alabama from Marion to Talladega Springs and Heflin.

Friday, December 31

  • Expect: Temperatures in the low 70s and 80s with severe storms and isolated damaging wind gusts up to 60mph.
  • Affected Areas: Central Alabama

Saturday, January 1

  • Expect: Temperatures in the 70s with damaging winds up to 60 mph, large hail and tornadoes.
  • Affected Areas: Nearly all of North/Central Alabama

Be Prepared

Are you ready for possible severe weather? Photo via Pat Byington for The Bama Buzz
  • Be Weather-Ready: Check the forecast regularly to see if you’re at risk for tornadoes. Listen to local news or a NOAA Weather Radio to stay informed about tornado watches and warnings. Check the Weather-Ready Nation for tips.
  • Sign Up for Notifications: Know how your community sends warnings. Some communities have outdoor sirens. Others depend on media and smart phones to alert residents of severe storms capable of producing tornadoes.
  • Create a Communication Plan: Have a family plan that includes an emergency meeting place and related information. If you live in a mobile home or home without a basement, identify a nearby safe building you can get too quickly, such as a church or family member.
  • Practice Your Plan: Conduct a family severe thunderstorm drill regularly so everyone knows what to do if a tornado is approaching. Make sure all members of your family know to go there when tornado warnings are issued. Don’t forget pets if time allows.
  • Prepare Your Home: Consider having your safe room reinforced. You can find plans for reinforcing an interior room to provide better protection on the Federal Emergency Management Agency website.
  • Help Your Neighbor: Encourage your loved ones to prepare for the possibility of tornadoes. Take CPR training so you can help if someone is hurt.

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