Small Biz Monday: 3 reasons to love Noëlla’s Flower Truck in Huntsville

Noëlla'S Flower Truck
I love seeing Noëlla’s Flower Truck around town. Photo via Noëlla’s Flower Truck’s Facebook

It’s Small Biz Monday and Noëlla’s Flower Truck in Huntsville has caught our attention. Here’s why you should stop and smell the roses at this cheerful spot.

1. It’s locally owned by Erica Hardesty

Noëlla'S Flower Truck
What’s your favorite flower? I’m a sucker for daisies. Photo via Noëlla’s Flower Truck’s Facebook

Noëlla’s Flower Truck was started by Erica Hardesty and her husband in July 2021. It may be new, but Noëlla’s Flower Truck is growing like a weed and Huntsvillians can’t get enough.

“The connections we have made are like no other. This community has embraced us in such a beautiful way. We have always desired for Noëlla’s Flower Truck to not just be a place to purchase flowers, but a memorable experience from beginning to end.”

—Erica Hardesty, Owner, Noëlla’s Flower Truck

What are the deets on this small biz? It is a restored 1963 Ford Econoline pickup truck with fresh flowers displayed in the back. Here’s how it works:

  • Create your own bouquet
  • Each bouquet is wrapped in brown paper and tied with a ribbon and custom sticker
  • Bouquets are priced per stem

Fun fact: The name for the business comes from Erica’s middle name, Noel. Growing up, her family called her Noella.

2. Each bouquet supports a local Huntsville nonprofit

Noëlla'S Flower Truck
Erica will help you create the perfect bouquet. Photo via Noëlla’s Flower Truck’s Facebook

Each bouquet purchased from Noëlla’s Flower Truck helps support a local Huntsville nonprofit, Make it Matter: The Collective. Make it Matter was started by Erica and her husband, giving back to youth aging out of the foster care system.

“It has been such a joy getting to share the heart and purpose behind Noëlla’s with our customers and they find so much fulfillment in knowing that every bouquet they create and purchase is going to something that’s making a lasting impact.”

—Erica Hardesty, Owner, Noëlla’s Flower Truck

3. You’ll support other local businesses, too

Noëlla'S Flower Truck
Giving back and picking up flowers? Yes please. Photo via Noëlla’s Flower Truck’s Facebook

Not only does your purchase from Noëlla’s Flower Truck support a local nonprofit but also a local farmer. The flowers on the truck come from a farm in Toney, Alabama—The Flowering Ranch. For those keeping count, you can support a local small business, nonprofit and farmer.

Check out Noëlla’s Flower Truck’s schedule or book the truck for your own event.

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