Small Biz Monday: Fall in love with Light On Yoga Fitness

Light On Yoga
You’re going to love this Small Biz Monday. Photo via Light On Yoga Fitness

Looking to move your body? Maybe you’re interested in some zen or me-time. Perhaps, if you’re like me, you grab your friends and go twice a week. Whatever you’re looking for in a yoga studio, you’ll find it and more at Huntsville’s Light On Yoga Fitness. We spoke to the owner—here’s what we learned.

Light On Yoga Fitness

Light On Yoga
The studio is stunning. Photo via Light On Yoga Fitness

What’s on tap for today’s Small Biz Monday? A beautiful yoga studio that will strengthen your practice and leave you feeling like a member of the Light On Yoga family.

“We believe what sets us apart from other fitness studios you may see is that we will always think of our students as family. Whether you have taken one class with us or 200 classes, you will always have a place at the studio and we will continue to be here if you ever were to need us.”

—Connor Humphrey, Co-Owner, Light On Yoga Fitness

I have been going to classes at Light On Yoga for two months, so trust me when I tell you this—you need to check it out. This truly is a place you can grow on and off the mat.


Light On Yoga
Connor teaching a yoga class. Photo via Light On Yoga Fitness

Light On Yoga is owned by Hannah Sledd and Connor Humphrey. Connor also serves as the studio manager. While Light On Yoga has been open for five years, Hannah and Connor took over last year as the newest owners. As co-owners, they work together to bring the best experience to their customers and expand their reach beyond Huntsville through their online streaming classes.

“We are partners in this. It has been great to have two people because we can bounce ideas back-and-forth off each other. As well as when we need help we can ask the other person. We are each other’s support system. Running a small business can be tough and you need someone to lean on sometimes, we’ve been that for one another. As well as being great friends on top of it!”

—Connor Humphrey, Co-Owner, Light On Yoga Fitness

Community involvement + events

There is always something going on at Light On Yoga. Not only do they want to make you feel like a member of their community, they also strive to become involved in the Huntsville community. They frequently partner with local nonprofits to host donation-based yoga classes.

They partnered with A New Leash On Life and held dog yoga! Who wouldn’t love dog yoga?

Good news… You can go to their next dog yoga.

  • Saturday, January 15th at 10:30AM

Check out their social pages and schedule for events to come.

Classes, pricing, memberships and more!

Light On Yoga
In case you needed a visual. 😉 Photo via Light On Yoga Fitness

No matter your schedule, your level or even your experience—there is something for you. Light On Yoga offers classes in the studio and online. You’ll meet one of their 23 instructors on the mat OR in the air!

Yes, you read that right. Light On Yoga has aerial yoga for those wanting to try something out of the ordinary. Aerial yoga is a practice done in a yoga hammock, so it can help take pressure off the joints.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to do tricks while hanging from the ceiling? I sure do.

“We want to make yoga practical and accessible for anyone. Yoga and aerial are both low impact workouts that target the nervous system and cardiovascular health, among many things.” 

—Connor Humphrey, Co-Owner, Light On Yoga Fitness

Check out their schedule, pricing and available memberships online.

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