Spring Hill College in Mobile gets an exclusive beer

Braided River Co, Portier Pale Ale, Springhill College, Mobile, Beer Release, Catholic
Students at Spring Hill College celebrate the release of Portier Pale Ale. (Spring Hill College)

It’s not every day that a local institution gets its own personal brew. Want to learn more about Spring Hill College’s exclusive new beer? Keep reading!

About the Partnership

Braided River Co, Portier Pale Ale, Springhill College, Mobile, Beer Release, Catholic
The Portier Pale Ale is a special collaboration between Spring Hill College and Braided River Brewing Co. (Spring Hill College)

Braided River Brewing Co. and Spring Hill College have partnered up to create Portier Pale Ale, a brew exclusive to the college.

What makes the project even more special? Hannah Shankman, Spring Hill College Alumna and Head Brewer at Braided River Brewing Co., helped develop and brew the beer herself.

What does this mean for the two parties involved? Tyloria Crenshaw, a representative of Spring Hill College, says that the beer encourages socialization and for students to follow their passions:

“We pride ourselves on preparing our students to be ‘real-world ready’ and to pursue their passions. This is an example of that. We are so proud of our Alumna, Hannah Shankman, for having the courage to do this and grateful to her for crafting this brew for us. This brew will bring more people to campus so they can see all the wonderful things Spring Hill has to offer. It will mean more support for McKinney’s on the Hill and provide more opportunities for people to interact with one another. For us, it’s about fellowship and fun.”

Tyloria Crenshaw, Director of Media and Public Relations, Spring Hill College

The project was incredibly exciting for Braided River Brewing Co. as well. The company is all about collaborating with the local community:

“It’s been our goal since the beginning to work with people and organizations who make Mobile a great place to live. Spring Hill College means a great deal not only to our community but to people at our brewery as well. So, we were excited to partner with the college to celebrate their storied history and bright future.”

Statement from Braided River Brewing Co.

About the beer

Braided River Co, Portier Pale Ale, Springhill College, Mobile, Beer Release, Catholic
Portier Pale Ale was created specifically with Spring Hill College in mind. (Spring Hill College)

Portier Pale Ale was developed specifically with the students of Spring Hill College in mind. The refreshing beer contains low levels of alcohol, has low bitterness and notes of orange and pineapple. It’s something for both Beer fanatics and newbies alike to love.

Fans of Braided River Brewing Co. may notice many similarities between the company’s Hang Loose Pale Ale and the new Portier Pale Ale. In fact, Portier Pale Ale is a special edition of the Hang Loose Pale Ale.

The brew is available at McKinney’s on the Hill, a student lounge on the Spring Hill College campus. Not on campus? Get your fix from your local Rouses, Whole Foods and Fresh Market with the Hang Loose Pale Ale.

McKinney’s on the Hill

  • Where: Student Center, East Portier Lane, Mobile, AL 36608
  • Hours: Sunday-Saturday 6AM-12PM
  • Contact: (251) 380-3891

More About Braided River Brewing Co.

Braided River Co, Portier Pale Ale, Springhill College, Mobile, Beer Release, Catholic
Tasty beer is the name of the game at Braided River Brewing Co. (Braided River Brewing Co.)

Braided River Brewing Co. makes their craft beer right here in Mobile. They draw inspiration from the local Mobile-Tensaw River Delta. Even their name is a reference to the way many different rivers join in the Delta.

Since the company draws inspiration from the local area, it should come as no surprise that they’ve collaborated with local businesses and institutions ranging from The University of South Alabama to coffee shops like Carpe Diem.

Though you may only be able to get the new Portier Pale Ale on the Spring Hill Campus, Braided River Brewing Co. still has a plethora of tasty, craft beers you can try in the meantime.

Want more of Braided River Brewing Co.? The establishment’s 2nd anniversary is fast approaching. Attend their special anniversary event on March 26th with Mobile’s 5 Mile Brass Band, new special edition beers, food trucks and more!

More about Spring Hill College

Braided River Co, Portier Pale Ale, Springhill College, Mobile, Beer Release, Catholic
Students wait in line to get their first taste of Portier Pale Ale. (Spring Hill College)

Spring Hill College is a private, catholic institution for higher education in Mobile. They offer more than 52 majors, small class sizes and a close community for their students to thrive in.

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