Startup roundup: 4 Alabama startups to put on your radar in 2022

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Kulture Xchange is changing the beauty and wellness game. (Bham Now)

Trust us, you’ll want to keep an eye out for these five startups across Alabama in 2022. From expertly curated beauty kits to finding your next fur baby, these startups will make your life way easier. Keep reading for all the deets.

1. Kewd Up

Kewd Up is a Birmingham-based app launched by Brian Akhtar, UAB honors graduate + second-ever alum of UAB’s award-winning entrepreneurship program. The app is designed to save you time and money on your night out on the town. In the app, you can check/purchase covers, pay to skip the line, see which bars are crowded, find drink specials, see where your friends are going out and more.

The app also helps you create events (like afterparties and pregames) and you can invite all your friends in as fast as five seconds. It’s free to sign up and there’s no monthly subscription as an early adopter promotion. Sounds like it’s party time to me!

2. Barkd

Find your paw-fect match. (Summer Guffey/Bham Now)

Looking to adopt a dog can be ruff. That’s where Barkd comes in. It’s like a dating app, but it’s matching you with your perfect four-legged friend! Barkd makes it easy to find a pup near you that will fit right at home. Plus, the breeders for these pups are reputable, doing the work to avoid puppy mills and scammers for you.

3. Kulture Xchange

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Subscribe to your own Kulture Kit today. (Bham Now)

After a lifetime of struggling to find beauty and wellness products that are made to fit Black clients, the founder of Kulture Xchange decided it was time for a change. Enter: The Kulture Kit. A monthly subscription box that features 4-6 minority-owned beauty and wellness products for people of color. Kulture Xchange looks to amplify and support minority-owned businesses.

4. Spur

Spur is an employee-focused staffing provider looking to help businesses manage their hourly workers and in turn, help hourly workers manage their work lives. It’s notoriously hard for hourly workers like servers, sales associates, etc. to have access to quality benefits. That’s where Spur comes in, providing hourly workers with an amazing job database, benefits, free pay cards and more.

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