This Istanbul-based company will be bringing its headquarters to Alabama

Stroma Vision, Downtown Birmingham
New + exciting opportunity for Alabama. (Nathan Watson / The Bama Buzz)

Alabama, you really are buzzing with so many company headquarters in the state. We have good news for you—Alabama Futures Fund invested in Stroma Vision, Inc., a software company based in Istanbul, Turkey, and they’re moving their headquarters here. Keep reading for more details.

A new headquarters in Alabama

Alabama Futures Fund (AFF) just made its fifteenth investment to improve our state. By working with Redhawk Advisory, LLC as their investment manager, AFF was the lead investor in bringing Stroma Vision to the South.

“The AFF investment thesis revolves around funding Alabama-based, high-growth technology startups or recruiting high-growth technology startups to Alabama.

Stroma represents a truly strategic investment that leverages Alabama’s advanced manufacturing industries and skilled workforce with Stroma’s cutting-edge technology that will not only prevent injuries but will also create a significant economic benefit to its customers. It’s almost as if Stroma was built for Alabama.”

Matt Hottle, Partner, Redhawk Advisory, LLC

What is Stroma Vision?

If you’re techy, Stroma Vision may have the perfect opportunity just for you.  By using on-location cameras and access control equipment, Stroma Vision uses its software platform to keep watch on conditions in production, manufacturing and service environments. This helps them alert and predict safety and quality issues at businesses that use their platform.

“By relocating to one of the nation’s most productive industrial states, we will be able to improve our value creation capabilities in the field with our award-winning industrial safety technology. We’re excited to explore the Alabama manufacturing scene and utilize the vast industrial complex to grow our business exponentially.”

Anil Üzengi, Co-founder and CEO, Stroma Vision

What is Alabama Futures Fund?

AFF’s mission is to bring companies to Alabama. By investing in early-stage startups, AFF convinces these businesses to bring their headquarters to the state. This is a big deal for Alabama because it boosts our entrepreneurial and economical growth.

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Reviewed by Sharron Swain.

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