New demand for local food delivery benefits Alabama farmers—find out how

Hint, it’s online food delivery. (Market Wagon)

Do you want fresh, local veggies and fruit delivered right to your door? Thanks to the online local food delivery service, Market Wagon, Alabama farmers are seeing massive growth for their businesses. Keep reading to find out how this is possible.

The growth

Farmers Produce
Imagine this right at your door! (Alabama’s Farmer’s Market)

Over 30 farms, chefs and artisans in Alabama are reaping the profits made this year from the exploding online shopping demand and the push for supporting local. Those who have partnered with Market Wagon, an online farmers market that delivers to almost every house in multiple counties, have benefited from an increase in consumers.

FUN FACT: Revenue from food delivery grew from $107 billion in 2019 to an estimated $152 billion in 2021—WOW.

“Alabama’s rural counties are the source of a diverse mix of produce, meat, baked goods and more that are often hard to find in grocery stores or online.”

Brenda Tuck, Alabama Department of Commerce, Rural Development Manager

A little bit about Market Wagon

Market Wagon allows you to browse through locally grown produce on your very own phone. The best part is that you can place an order from multiple local vendors with one single checkout.

Worried about the delivery method? Every Tuesday afternoon, the produce is shipped in insulated and reusable totes using ice packs to preserve freshness. The food is also some of the freshest around because the food was picked by farmers 24-36 hours before.

With a combined 400+ items for sale each week, there is something for you to add to your pantry.

“Market Wagon helps farmers and other producers take those products to consumers in a fast and efficient way, so they can continue the hard work of growing, raising and making without missing a beat.”

Brenda Tuck, Alabama Department of Commerce, Rural Development Manager

We heart local

Produce delivered to your doorstep! (Bham Now)

Check out some of the farms that can continue to thrive because of this growth:

  • Central City Urban Farm (Birmingham)—Mitch Hungerpiller uses state-of-the-art hydroponic technology to grow tasty lettuce, tomatoes and other gourmet herbs and vegetables without the need for herbicides or herbicides.
  • Lake Majestik Farms (Flat Rock)—All beef is raised naturally, without antibiotics or hormones with cattle always able to forage in the field.
  • Milligan Family Farms (Tuscaloosa County)—Milligan’s started as a family selling the same cucumbers, squash and tomatoes as well as pork and farm-fresh eggs that they raised for themselves.

We’re glad to see local farmers in the Birmingham and Tuscaloosa areas grow and thrive.

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