NEW pick-your-own flower farm open outside of Auburn [PHOTOS]

Circles Of Color Flower Farm
Pick-your-own flower farm in Opelika (Circles of Color)

An Alabama couple has opened their amazing property as a pick-your-own flower farm called Circles of Colors. Keep reading to learn all about the new spot and what Circles of Colors has planned for the future.

Circles of Colors

Arely and David Kloss bought the property in 2020 and began turning it into a vibrant field of flowers. The property used to be a working farm and country store, so the first year was devoted to clean up and maintenance before the flower project started last fall. 

Now, there are over 500 dahlias joined by zinnias, sunflowers, lilies, lavender and so many other gorgeous flowers.

Open for business

You can now make your way to the you-pick flower farm any weekend, weather permitting from 9AM until 3PM. The Kloss’ goal is to make flower picking to be available all year round. Ready to get pickin’? Here are the current prices at Circles of Colors:

  • dahlias for $1.25 a stem
  • large sunflowers for $1
  • small growers bunch of sunflowers for $5
  • 10 zinnia stems for $5
  • 10 vase-filler stems for $3

Plans for the future

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NEW pick-your-own flower farm open outside of Auburn [PHOTOS] 4

“People love coming around, so we are expanding this winter by adding more sections, more rows and more flowers. My husband and I are still working full time in Auburn so when we get home in the afternoons, we go to the fields. My plan is to start my early retirement in October this year and devote my time to make the farm even more beautiful!”

Arely Kloss, Owner, Circles of Colors

The couple has kept the old buildings in place including the mule barns, three silos and the old smoke house that is now a small greenhouse. They’re continuing to remodel the country store for the flower store and studio.

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