The Alabama Cup Races are back again this spring—here’s how to get involved

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Alabama’s rivers are one of our most treasured natural beauties, and they’re also home to the Alabama Cup Races. This long-time tradition is an annual event that’s exciting for everyone from kayaking competitors to volunteers. Here’s what it’s all about.

The history of the Alabama Cup Races

The Alabama Cup Races is a competitive kayaking event with two main races—the Mulberry Fork Canoe and Kayak Races and the Locust Fork Whitewater Classic.

The Mulberry Fork races came first, with the first event in 1981—over 40 years ago. In fact, it’s the longest running slalom race in the nation. The Locust Fork Whitewater Classic was added 10 years later, and in 1992, the first Alabama Cup Races came to be.

Over its long history in Alabama, the races have been a launchpad for racers to go national in the sport. Not only is it a highly anticipated event for athletes, though—it’s also tons of fun for the whole community.

“We’re super excited about this year because we see the sport growing in Alabama. Montgomery has added a whitewater park and they have some races and events down there, and they’re adding more. These volunteer races are the grassroots efforts that introduce people to the sport—that give locals the chance to compete along with competitors who go on to be USA Olympic athletes. It’s a great way to see people in that caliber compete alongside your friend who lives next door.”

Helen Hays, volunteer on the Alabama Cup Races committee

How to get involved in the 2024 Alabama Cup Races

Held on two weekends in March and April, the Alabama Cup Races are a great opportunity to get outdoors, even if you’re not a competitor. Many come out to enjoy the races and take advantage of the camping near the rivers.

Volunteers are needed as well, and it’s a great experience (that comes with a t-shirt and a goody bag). You can sign up to do scoring and timing, be a gate judge, be on front gate duty, be a safety boater or a banquet server. You can sign up for volunteering on the Alabama Cup Races website.

Here are the details on this year’s races:

Mulberry Fork Canoe + Kayak Races

Locust Fork Whitewater Classic

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