Cahaba River named one of the best rivers in America for tubing + drinking

Cahaba River
Beauty at the Cahaba River. (C J McCollum)

Grab that float—the Cahaba River has been named one of the best rivers in America for tubing and drinking by Thrillist. And it was just in time for those last-minute Labor Day Weekend plans, too. Read on for why it’s making a splash.

What makes the Cahaba River one of the best?

With Labor Day Weekend coming up, it’s your last chance to squeeze in some water-filled summertime fun. So, we’re taking you to the Cahaba River that flows from Trussville to Centreville to learn why it’s making headlines as one of the best in America.

Here’s what Thrillest said:

  • It’s the longest free-flowing river in Alabama.
  • It’s home to more species of freshwater fish than can be found in all of the bodies of water in the state of California combined.
  • In late spring/summer, lilies bloom on banks + islands of the river for a picturesque float.

If you aren’t familiar with the Cahaba lily, it’s one of the most iconic flowers in the Greater Birmingham Area. An aquatic flowering plant, it only grows in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.

You have to be quick to spot them, too, because they only bloom for one month, between May and June. Be sure to plan ahead for next summer so you can see them in all their beautiful glory.

How YOU can help keep the Cahaba River a national favorite

We know the Cahaba River is beautiful and provides great entertainment, but it’s also the primary source of drinking water for the Greater Birmingham Area. This means we all need to do our part to keep this river (and others) healthy and safe.

Through water testing, river cleanups and more, the Cahaba Riverkeeper is one nonprofit that works tirelessly to ensure the Cahaba River is both healthy and safe.

According to Myra Crawford, Executive Director of the Cahaba Riverkeeper, here are some ways you can help them continue their efforts:

  • When visiting the Cahaba River, throw all trash and recycling away in trash and recycling bins.
  • When leaving the Cahaba River, take all of your belongings with you. Otherwise, they could end up in the river.
  • Participate in the Cahaba Riverkeeper’s cleanup events. You can find them via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter + TikTok.

“The Cahaba is a very special river. We need to show the same appreciation for the Cahaba that it shows to us by giving us water to drink.”

Myra Crawford, Executive Director, Cahaba Riverkeeper

The Cahaba Riverkeeper also has a Swim Guide so you can find out which areas are safe for swimming, tubing and other activities. Check it out here.

More Alabama rivers + activities

There are many more rivers and activities to enjoy in Alabama. Here are some to know:

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