The Rock and his Morgan County look-a-like Lt. Eric Fields meet on social media

The Rock
Lt. Eric Fields and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Photo via Morgan County Sheriff Office Facebook page

What has Bama Buzzing today?  If you haven’t heard, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office has a  lieutenant named Eric Fields who is  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s doppelgänger. 

Last week, thanks to a viral Tiktok video released by chandlerelyse  it was confirmed — The Rock has a “twin.”

Here is the video which has over 360K likes.

As a result of the TikTok, numerous media and social outlets picked up the story which includes the jaw dropping resemblance between the two men. 

Now the story has been taken to another level.

Yesterday, Dwayne Johnson sent over a  tweet thanking his “twin” for his service, inviting him to hang out and  drink Johnson’s small-batch tequila and swap stories.

Here is the tweet.

Of course Lt. Fields responded back.

The Rock
Screenshot of the tweet from Lt. Eric Fields to Dwayne Johnson.

Now according to Huntsville’s WHNT-19 the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office has invited The Rock for a ride along and more importantly raise awareness about ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease which has afflicted one of Fields’ fellow officers.

From the WHNT-19.

“The whole ordeal is crazy, but the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office is taking it one step farther, and inviting the Rock for a ride-along. Of course, Morgan County residents are ecstatic about the thought of Dwayne Johnson visiting the area, but there’s also a good cause behind the invitation.Morgan County Sheriff’s Sgt. Chris Dillard, who is one year shy of retirement, is currently battling ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease. The illness is terminal, with no known cure. 

The law enforcement family hopes the attention could help raise awareness and funds for Sgt. Dillard’s family and medical bills.

Dillard’s Warriors GoFundMe page can be found – HERE.

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