This Alabama pecan farm is over 65 years old—here’s why it’s a must-visit

Fairhope B&Amp;B Pecans
B & B Pecans in Fairhope is a hidden gem. (The Bama Buzz)

In the fall months, Alabama pecans start dropping. Near the coast, there’s a spot where one family has gathered up tons of them for over 65 years. B & B Pecan Farm in Fairhope has stood the test of time, offering fresh pecans and treats since 1956. Here’s why it’s an Alabama bucket list item.

How it started in Fairhope

Calvin Brown had already been wholesaling pecans with family when he decided to take the business to the next level. His daughter and son-in-law, Sandra and Clarence Bishop, were expecting a child. Sandra wanted to find a way to make money while also being a stay-at-home mom.

The solution? B & B Pecans (yes, that stands for Brown and Bishop).

That was in 1956 Fairhope. Nearly 70 years later, they’re still selling the same shelled or cracked, halved or whole pecans. But a lot has changed, too.

What started out with simply selling pecans has blossomed into 100 products sold in all 50 states. Sandra and Clarence have passed the business down to the next generation, but B & B Pecans remains a staple in the community.

What B & B Pecans offers

B & B Pecans has all things pecans, and they sell it at their quaint Fairhope shop and nationwide on their website.

Here’s just a taste of what they have:

  • Rum pecans
  • Chocolate pecans
  • Gift tins
  • Pecan pies
  • Pecan oils

And it gets even nuttier (we couldn’t resist the pecan puns). B & B Pecans also offers walnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds and more.

Where you can find B & B Pecans

In 2020, Hurricane Sally ripped through the Gulf Coast, and B & B Pecans lost several of its oldest pecan trees that have been there since the beginning. But they didn’t give up.

B & B has planted new pecan trees and while they grow, they’re still offering the same delicious Southern nuts with help from neighboring farms.

Ready to visit for yourself? If you’re near the Gulf Coast any time soon, you’ll want to put this place on your list.

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