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These three RealtySouth agents are providing amazing service. Photo via Mary Fehr for The Bama Buzz

On Tuesday, March 9, 150 Top Producers celebrated their success by giving back to a charity of their choice: Big Oak Ranch. Find out how three top producers got their start in real estate and see what Big Oak Ranch means to them.

Meet 3 of the 2020 top RealtySouth agents who bring compassion to their brokerage

Top Realtysouth Agents Walking In Alabama
This team of RealtySouth agents is dedicated to their clients. Photo via Mary Fehr for The Bama Buzz

Finding success in real estate takes hard work and passion. These three top RealtySouth agents have different backgrounds, but each of them brings dedication and compassion to their jobs every day to take care of their clients—let’s meet the top RealtySouth agents who are helping Alabamians find their homes.

Robin Owings

Robin Owings Sitting On Bench In Greenery
Robin Owings. Photo via Mary Fehr for The Bama Buzz

Robin’s background is in higher education administration, but when she and her husband moved from Atlanta to Birmingham, she decided to pursue real estate. After seeing the authenticity of the RealtySouth broker who introduced her to the company, she chose RealtySouth.

Jason Dailey

Jason Dailey Sitting In Greenery - Top Realtysouth Agent
Jason Dailey. Photo via Mary Fehr for The Bama Buzz

Jason Dailey has been working with RealtySouth for just under three years, but he’s already found success in his business. After 15 years in the corporate world, he wanted to change his career for one that would feel fulfilling and working in real estate had always interested him. Within his first year, he became one of the top-producing agents.

Mercy Lozinski

Mercy Lozinski - Realtysouth Agent
Mercy Lozinski. Photo via Mary Fehr for The Bama Buzz

With 14 years of working as a RealtySouth agent under her belt, Mercy sees the value of dedication to the job. While she began her career working in hospital administration, working in real estate was always a passion—she and her husband built and remodeled houses before she became an agent.

Each agent has a unique background and history with RealtySouth, but they all share a similar passion for treating their clients well. Keep reading to learn more about how they became top producers and see why they’re happy to support Big Oak Ranch.

All RealtySouth agents have one thing in common: a passion for bettering their community

Two Realtysouth Agents Sitting On A Bench
These agents are happy to support Big Oak Ranch Photo via Mary Fehr for The Bama Buzz

This year, the top RealtySouth agents were polled to select their charity of choice for the collective gift. Big Oak Ranch is 2020’s winner, and with a mission to support children by giving them a loving home, it’s no wonder these agents are passionate about supporting them.

When RealtySouth celebrates their top-performing agents, they go beyond the typical rewards. Instead, they give back to their community by making a nonprofit their cause.

Big Oak Ranch has been a solid home to more than 2,000 children since 1974. The ministry exists to support abused, neglected and abandoned children by giving them a solid home.

Big Oak Ranch isn’t federally funded, so the contribution from RealtySouth will be able to help them in their mission. Donations support the Boys’ Ranch and the Girls’ Ranch, both homes with loving houseparents who live onsite to take care of each child. With a mission this amazing, it’s no wonder top RealtySouth agents were happy to support them.

What does it take to become a top producer?

Mercy: Being an agent that looks out for your people. Being a top agent, you’re also in the position to truly represent your client, not yourself. I think people know when they legitimately have someone looking out for them.

Jason: I always tell new people, there’s no secret sauce. It’s always being prepared, always looking for the next opportunity, making sure you’re doing the right thing with your clients. If you’re open to new possibilities, and quite honestly, just working hard, I think you can do it.

Robin: I think it’s having a strong work ethic and being authentic. I feel like if your clients know that they can trust you and you’re not in it just for the sale, then you’re going to have a client for life.

Why did you choose RealtySouth?

Realtysouth Agents Standing In Greenhouse
Jason, Mercy and Robin are passionate about their clients and giving back. Photo via Mary Fehr for The Bama Buzz

Robin: I love that my company is always providing different classes and workshops to better help their agents.

Mercy: It’s great to be part of an organization that does care about giving back to the community. And maybe that’s why RealtySouth has been around for so long—I think that you’re never really going to succeed and sustain without giving.

What is your personal involvement with Big Oak Ranch?

Robin: In the past, my husband and I were supporters of the Big Oak Ranch. So, I love that I work for a company that gives back to the community. It just feels good to be a small part that contributes to an organization that wants to help kids, especially in a Christian environment.

Jason: I got introduced to the charity years ago, while I was in the corporate world. I was at a conference and Josh [founder of Big Oak Ranch] came and spoke. He was able to strike you, even if you couldn’t relate. He was telling the stories about it, and then in that instant, it’s like it just hit you. I mean, we all have our trials and tribulations, but hearing about that young child just really got to me.

Whether you’re choosing to put your house on the market or want to work for a team that’s dedicated to giving back, RealtySouth will be the perfect place for you.

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