The World Games 2022 volunteers will welcome visitors to Birmingham—learn more


Twg 2022 Volunteers
Meet just a few of your TWG 2022 volunteers! (Matt Gaines)

Thanks to the generosity of sponsors like Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, hundreds of thousands of people will visit Birmingham, Alabama this July for The World Games 2022 (TWG 2022). For many, it’ll be their first taste of true Southern hospitality. Thankfully, TWG 2022 volunteers will show off just how wonderful the South is. Keep reading to learn more.

Healthier People Are Happier People - Bluecross Blueshield Of Alabama

4,000+ TWG 2022 volunteers giving a warm welcome to international guests

The World Games 2022 are less than a month away—soon, we’ll see thousands of international athletes and visitors in Birmingham, Alabama to compete in and watch exciting sports. For many of these athletes and visitors, this will be their first time in Alabama, and even the United States!

TWG 2022 volunteers are here to represent Birmingham and make sure each visitor has a phenomenal time in the city. Thousands of locals interviewed and went through hours of training to volunteer at The Games. Training modules include topics like:

  • The history of The World Games
  • Volunteer values of willingness
  • Disability and inclusion
  • How to spot human trafficking and help victims
  • Culture and etiquette
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion

Birmingham and other cities in the South are known for their hospitality. Now, each volunteer will have training to bring that very hospitality and helpfulness to visitors.

“We want there to be a consistent experience with volunteers for every spectator and guest. We want them to have a fantastic experience and go away and say, ‘I want to come back to Birmingham’ or even, ‘I want to live in Birmingham.'”

Matt Gaines, Manager of Volunteer Services, The World Games 2022
Healthier People Are Happier People - Bluecross Blueshield Of Alabama

Showing visitors the magic of The Magic City

Twg 2022 Volunteers
Each volunteer is here to make TWG 2022 an event to remember. (Matt Gaines)

TWG 2022 volunteers have an important job as representatives for Birmingham and Alabama. That’s why they’re all being trained in five core values of willingness:

  • Serve
  • Listen
  • Respect
  • Be solution-focused
  • Be great teammates

“The quality level of these volunteers has just been off the charts. These are people who really want to do it for their city, people who want to do it for their country, people who want to do it for the sport.”

Matt Gaines, Manager of Volunteer Services, The World Games 2022

How generous partners are making TWG 2022 possible

Did you know that in other countries, the government pays for The World Games? It isn’t the same in the US, which is where the support of generous partners like Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama come in.

As the Education Program Sponsor, Blue Cross provided support to make sure TWG 2022 can actually happen. Plus, they created a fantastic and FREE educational toolkit for teachers. The “Live Healthy, Play Global” initiative is a resource for teachers throughout the country, all made in partnership with 40 local educators.

The kits include information about the 34 different sports and participating countries, all in fun ways to keep kids active and engaged.

We can’t wait to welcome thousands of visitors to Alabama and show them just how innovative, helpful and inclusive our state is.

Learn more about Blue Cross on their website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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