University of West Alabama announces plans for outdoor amphitheater

University Of West Alabama
UWA announces plans for an outdoor amphitheater on campus. (University of West Alabama)

The University of West Alabama (UWA) announced plans to provide an outdoor space for faculty, students and staff to use for various events. This project—funded by state appropriation—will provide opportunities for outdoor engagement and entertainment on campus. Keep reading for all you need to know on the timeline for UWA’s newest amphitheater.

Here’s what we know

According to a release from UWA, the amphitheater is expected to host concerts, theatre performances, academic classes and student activities events. Funding for the project is coming from a $450,000 appropriation UWA received last year from the Alabama Legislature.

President Ken Tucker spoke on what this project can mean for the university, its students and the community.

“With more than 600 acres of campus, we want to take advantage of the natural spaces that give students and visitors an opportunity to enjoy the scenic views, and this will be positioned in an area that is heavily traveled but still has an open-air, natural environment that we believe will be very enjoyable.”

Ken Tucker, President, University of West Alabama

Construction process

University Of West Alabama
A “coming soon” sign marks the beginning of UWA’s newest outdoor amphitheater. (University of West Alabama)

According to the article, construction is expected to start this summer and take between six and eight months to complete. The amphitheater, located in the area next to Wallace Hall, will seat 500 and feature a covered stage that students can see from the sidewalk between Wallace and Gilbert Hall. 

Director of UWA’s physical plant Chris Egbert disclosed that when construction begins, a portion of the sidewalk in the campus’ center will be blocked off, and part of the Wallace Hall parking lot may have to be used temporarily to store equipment and building materials.

The project has been a long time coming, and UWA expressed their gratitude and excitement for this new addition.

“We are grateful for this appropriation from the State of Alabama and the opportunity to add this unique venue to our campus and serve students and visitors for many years to come.”

Ken Tucker, President, University of West Alabama
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