Video of MrBeast finding homes for abandoned Alabama dogs cracks 120M views

MrBeast, one of the most popular YouTubers in the world with 238 million subscribers, found homes for 100 abandoned dogs rescued by Big Dog Ranch Rescue, the nation’s largest no-kill shelter in the nation.

Many of the dogs came from the newly opened Shorter, Alabama location.  

The inspirational 15-minute video documents Jimmy Donaldson—aka MrBeast—and his merry band of dog-walkers and trainers encouraging the adoption of lovable dogs at their massive sanctuary in Palm Beach, Florida.

Within 4 days, all 100 dogs found a home.

MrBeast video notches 120 million views

The video of the MrBeast team’s volunteer efforts has gone viral. The video also features Dave Bautista, who stars as “Drax the Destroyer” in the Guardians of the Galaxy series.

As of February 9th, the clip has been watched 120 million times.

Watch the video below:

In an interview with Laurie Simmons, CEO of Big Dog Ranch Rescue, The Bama Buzz learned several more tidbits about the MrBeast project.

As seen in the video several surprise checks and gifts were handed out to adopters including a $100,000 check to Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

“At the end of the adoption event he (MrBeast) surprised Big Dog Ranch Rescue with a $100,000 gift which allows us to keep our mission going and save more dogs. Every dollar matters here. Dollars raised equals the amount of lives we can save.”

Laurie Simmons, CEO of Big Dog Ranch Rescue

According to Simmons, MrBeast also went the extra mile by providing adopters with pet insurance and food for the dogs for a lifetime.

Support Big Dog Ranch Rescue in Alabama

Big Dog Ranch Rescue)
(Big Dog Ranch Rescue)

If all this talk about adopting dogs makes you want to go out and bring home a new friend, Big Dog Ranch Rescue is here to help.

“I’m sure there are families that would love to adopt one of our wonderful dogs or puppies in Alabama,  they just don’t know about us or haven’t seen us. We currently have over 100 puppies at our Shorter Alabama facility and 325 dogs ready for adoption. And they all come fully healthy, spayed and neutered and vaccinated.”

Laurie Simmons, CEO of Big Dog Ranch Rescue
Big Dog
(Big Dog Ranch Rescue)

Perhaps, that’s our next challenge for MrBeast. Come to Alabama and help find homes for Big Dog Ranch Rescue’s 425 puppies and grown dogs.

Meanwhile—come down to Macon County and adopt a dog today.

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