Watch stars (meteors) fall on Alabama April 21-22. Here’s how.

Photo of a Supermoon via Boris Datnow

Want to see stars falling on Alabama?  That’s exactly what is going to happen this week, according to WSFA meteorologist Tyler Sebree. The state’s first big meteor shower in the past three months will reach its  peak on the evening of April 21st and the early morning of April 22nd. 

Thanks to a recent story published on WSFA’s website by Sebree, we were able to acquire some helpful tips on watching the upcoming meteor shower.


First thing first – this week’s meteor shower is called Lyrids. It has been dubbed the Earth Day meteor shower by Earth Sky

IF you miss the “peak” shower on April 21-22 – there is still a chance to see a good show on the 23rd.

Tips From WSFA’s Tyler Sebree

The Lyrids peak Wednesday night. Graphic via WSFA News

Obviously, if you are planning to watch a meteor shower clear weather is a must. You can check that box on April 21-22, according to Sebree. Unfortunately, it is going to be unseasonably cold, so bundle up. 

Additional tips? From the WSFA story:

“The timing to view the Lyrids is from 10 p.m. Wednesday through the predawn hours Thursday morning. All you have to do is look up because these meteors have an originating point high in the sky.

Just be sure to do the following if you want to maximize your Lyrid meteor shower experience…

  • Head somewhere away from city lights
  • Elevate yourself to allow most of the night sky to be visible (avoid tall trees)
  • Give your eyes 20-30 minutes to adjust to total darkness
  • Dress warm with temperatures expected to be in the 30s and 40s
  • Look up and enjoy for at least an hour for the best chance at seeing shooting stars

The two potential problems for every meteor shower are the weather and moonlight. This year’s Lyrid meteor shower will fly with complete cooperation from Mother Nature. Yes it’ll be cold, but skies will be mainly clear and the lack of humidity means a “clean” atmosphere perfect for viewing meteors.

Wsfa News
The Lyrids peak Wednesday night and Thursday morning – April 21-22. Graphic via WSFA News

If you can wait until after 3:32 a.m. you will most definitely increase your chances of catching multiple quick-moving shooting stars. Some of them will likely be rather bright and some could reach fireball status!”

Additional Info

Visit Earth Sky’s story: 2021 Lyrid meteor shower: All you need to know  for directions on where to look in the sky for the Lyrid showers and for some cool facts such as:  

Lyrid meteor shower holds the distinction of being among the oldest of known meteor showers.

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