“We’re Here:” HBO show bringing the LGBTQ in Selma together

Lgbtq In Selma / Hbo Show We'Re Here
The bigger the hair, the bigger the secrets. Photo via Warner Media

Y’all means all, and in HBO Max’s show “We’re Here,” three well-known drag queens make their way to Selma to bring LGBTQ+ issues to the forefront. Check out how this unscripted show highlights three queer people and what it’s like being out in a small Southern town.

Meet the big 3

Lgbtq In Selma
They’ll make you cry and laugh. Photo via HBO Max

Former stars on Rupaul’s Drag Race, Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara and Shangela travel across the US to mentor three individuals from a small town. In this season, they’ve made their way to Alabama.

What can you expect? The three drag queens will feature three local queer people to bring them out of their shells. You’ll probably shed a tear or two—it’s a heartfelt and emotional rollercoaster. The person featured will perform with the three queens in their own drag style by the end of the show! Now sissy that walk.

LGBTQ in Selma

Edmund Pettus Bridge
The Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama. Photo via The Bama Buzz

The queens wanted to bring awareness to LGBTQ issues in Selma because they’re all about discovery and documenting the real. So, don’t miss the Selma episode. It will feature Blu, a transgender woman who’s ready to come out and slay out. Get to know her story as the four talk about the struggles of being queer in a small town.

Selma was an excellent choice because of the rich history of fighting for justice. So in honor of the city’s history, the queens sat down with some of the women who marched from Selma to Montgomery on Bloody Sunday. 

“Selma, from the moment we stepped foot in the place felt so specific, so unique. The history of the place felt like it was palpable. I will say that I think Selma was one of the places where it was more difficult to access the LGBTQ community.”

Peter LoGreco, director of the Selma episode

Watch the show on HBO Max. Every Monday you can expect a new episode featuring small-town communities and tear-jerking stories.

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